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Part 34: Jungle Fun, Part Two

Music: Temple of Celestial Flowers

I doubt she'd react kindly to us pushing our agenda on her. Let's just go.

Yeah, it's not like she's siding with promachination. Let's report to the quaestor and see what he thinks.

Did you wouldn't happen to be a spiriter?

Huh? Me? Y-Yes, Your Grace – I am.

Is that so?...If you've no further business with me, then kindly leave. Tell Quaestor Verus I cannot be of help to him.

Yes, Your Grace.

Well, that went...more or less okay, really. Let's see if Verus thinks so.

But she doesn't seem to be in support of promachination, either.

Ever the pacifist, even now. All right, I suppose there's no point in pursuing the matter further. My guardian spirit has already cautioned me against pressuring the fairy guide. That concludes your mission. Good work. Return to Mintaka.

Yes, sir.

Orders to withdraw?

Yeah. Let's go back to the Holoholo Jungle Repairs to the Sfida should be done by now.

Oh, Sagi, you only wish things are going to be this easy.

As long as we're in Komo Mai...Why don't we stop at the School of Magic?

You mean the school you went to?

That's the one. It's a repository for all the world's knowledge. Maybe we could learn something about that strange world we keep finding ourselves in.

Yeah. Plus I've always wanted to see what a school is like.

I wonder if there are any other schools in this world? Lyuvann's kids apparently go to school but we only ever see their mom making them study. Milly mentions that the School of Magic is for people continuing their education, but from what?

I've glossed over it, but there is a “cookie war” going on in Komo Mai. Basically, the School of Magic is holding elections for a new principal, and the two candidates (Righty and Lefty) are each represented by different styles of Komo Mai cookies. There are places you can't enter if you have more of one cookie type than the other. Fortunately, you can travel unmolested if you aren't carrying any cookies at all.

I don't know if it's supposed to come off as funny or charming or what but it annoys me to no end so I'm just trying to pretend it isn't happening. But I thought I'd bring it up. You know. Just in case it becomes important later.

This doesn't seem to be anything special, but I'll take it anyway. I also tried to trade for another High Potion but the lady wouldn't go for it, so I gave up.

Fun...I feel like somebody else said something about fun...hmm...

Infodump approaching!

Divinity Prof: Malpercio...That name alone is enough to make one's hair bristle. Malpercio borrowed the power of the Dark Brethren in order to bend the world to its wicked purposes. It challenged the other gods to battle, where it killed, plundered, and drove them to the brink of extinction. Even the powerful magic of the gods was no match for the vile power of the Dark Brethren. So why is our world not ruled by the wicked god today? That is a question for another scholar.

History Prof: ...endured. According to those stories, the world then was in an age of gods with powerful magic and vibrant wings. It appears that the magnus we use today existed at that point in time as well. In fact, contemporary magnus technology was a result of the Empire reviving the gods' ancient technology. As such, it's only natural that the use of magnus was widespread at the time. So why did such an advanced, prosperous civilization fall? That's a story for another professor to tell.

Head Teacher: It sounds shocking, but when you all prepare fish, you separate the meat and the bones and the guts, too. Anyway, this is only a theory, but what would happen if those pieces found a host? Say, a human...? Just between us, I wonder if that might not be the case with these monsters showing up in Alfard.

This room is a little different. We walk in just as a test begins, and...

People who answer wrong get...vaporized?...or something. Apparently passing this course is absurdly difficult to pass. Oh well, it's not like that matters to us.

Resuming infodump

Book: Chemical matter synthesis is performed using the five elements fire, ice, lightning, holy, and darkness. The four observed elemental reactions are gravity, electromagnetism, and strong and weak nuclear forces. Strong and weak nuclear forces are critical in determining the element of the synthesized matter,, for example, a normal fish and hair from the wicked god could combine to form a terrible monster.

This is...Could this have happened at Lake Botein, Meemai?

Spiritology Prof: When they do, the result is a spiriter. Alfard's Quaestor Verus is an example of this phenomenon. It's said that spiriters are protected by an extraordinary power and alter the fate of our world. As a result, many believe the quaestor will stop the monsters currently causing panic around the world. Recently, rumors of a second spiriter, a young boy, have begun to surface...If true, this would be something of a first. It's rare enough for a single spiriter to arise in any given era.

Anthropology Prof: ...islands. They are the descendants of those who buried Malpercio a millennium ago. Their forefathers could not abide by the destruction of the land at Malpercio's hands. They sealed away the wicked god using 3 sacred treasures and drove the Dark Brethren back to their dimension. With that, the age of the gods ended, and this era – our era – began. We are all able to enjoy life as we do today because of the bravery or those forefathers. As for what the world was like during the age of the gods I'll let another professor explain.

So? What do you think of the school? Feel like you've learned a lot?


Though we didn't learn much about that mysterious world...

Yeah, but it was fun to see what kind of place the school was!


Sure! All right. Let's get going.

That was pointless. I don't think we learned a single thing we didn't know about already. Er...I guess that stuff about the Dark Brethren was new. But that's about it.

Music: Holoholobird

Hey, it's raining now. It seems to be a purely aesthetic thing, but I think it's kinda neat.

On my way back, I accidentally ran into an enemy I didn't even notice last time. The fight is against a bird and two little beasts. The bird can eat the beasts for an increase in attack power.

Like...a really big increase in attack power. Ouch. That's the only eventful thing that happened on my way back to the Sfida.

What's wrong? The Sfida still seems to be having some trouble.

Yes...You see, they hit a crucial part of the drive system. I don't see a way to fix her with the parts I've got handy. And even if I did have the parts I need – she's taken quite a beating. To be honest, I'm not sure I have the skills to put her back in the air.

I see. What a mess...

Yeah...The queen might help if it's just a matter of fixing the Sfida.

Of course! Good thinking, Meemai! Let's head back to the palace!


Incidentally, this is a rare moment where the response you give actually impacts the scene a little. If we had chosen to ask Verus for help, Sagi would indeed call him first. I don't have footage of it, but I remember the conversation well enough from my play-ahead file to give an abridged version.

Hello, Quaestor?

The quaestor is in a meeting right now. How can I help you, Sagi?

Oh, hi, Geldoblame. We got shot down. Can you send a ship to pick us up?

Sorry, I don't have that authority. You'll have to wait for Quaestor Verus to get out of his meeting, which won't happen for an indefinite period of time.

I am NOT waiting in this stinking jungle for Verus to get back! We are going to see Corellia RIGHT NOW!


The rain has stopped...and also flooded the lake. Since Sagi and co can't swim and don't seem to have quite enough wing power to fly across, we have to find another way. Sagi notes that the pollywhale would make a good jumping point if we could lure it over with some fruit.

I can't even begin to describe how annoying this part is. We have to throw a rock at the fruit to knock it down. First, we have to get a rock (which takes like ten seconds to draw from the pile of stones nearby). Then Sagi throws it. There's a good five second delay between when you clear the dialogue box and when Sagi actually throws the rock. Furthermore, the chick's movements seem to be pretty much random. So as far as I can tell, it's luck based if you hit the bird or the fruit.

And of course, hitting the bird starts a fight.

Guess how much time this took me? Fifteen minutes, or seven attempts.

All right, time to go back to Corellia's.

Music: More Temple of Celestial Flowers

stead. What seems to be the matter?

We wanted to ask for help with ship repairs. The vessel we came in on has been grounded.

I see. That's a reasonable request. But I'm afraid we cannot help you.

You're not going to start preaching to us about neutrality again?

That is a concern – but it's not the only concern. As you can see, Anuenue is at one with nature. We simply don't have the means to repair a ship made form machina.

...That's true, now that you mention it.

Perhaps you should consider dropping by the School of Magic. It houses all sorts of knowledge, magical AND otherwise. You might discomer something worth your time.

We seem to be going in even bigger circles than we were when we were lost in the jungle...

On our way to the school. we are interrupted.

Girl: Liar. Lolo's busy making the waterwheel, my mom said so.

Brat: Yeah, but I asked my father and he gave her lots of money so she'd make time for this first!

Brat Wannabe: Really? Cool! Come on, make it do something!

Brat: OK, um...I just put this Holoholobird feather in, and...mmm...

Noisy little whelps. This is why I hate kids.

But look at the gadgetry inside that toy...I wouldn't mind having one, either.

Hey...that's it!

What do you mean?

Well, whoever designed the gadgetry in that toy might know how to repair the Sfida.

Oh, I get it.

Isn't that a stretch?

We've got nothing to lose. They said someone named Lolo made it, right?

Yeah, let's see if we can track her down.

Well, that's all the Anuenue I can handle today. Join me next time as we go to school (again), wander the depths of the jungle (again), and maybe meet this Lolo woman!


His way of protecting Sadal Suud, is it? Rodolfo may have more grit than I'd thought...or would care to admit. It's Heughes that worries me. What is he plotting? What's in Nunki Valley? No...he wouldn't!

Nunki Valley was ablaze. And there, among the fires, I killed something that I know I shouldn't have. I feel sick. And now...Yes, I'm back here again. “Discussions” with Wiseman didn't work at all. Even here, all I'm good for is turning around and going home.

Everyone was crying. Seph has never looked more resolute now that he's lost Quis. They can't see me, so I can't even express my condolences. But it made me think – if there were anything I could do for these people, I would. I want to.

Once again we find ourselves indebted to Palolo. The boy is extraordinary, to be sure. But don't expect to be so lucky next time, Sagi. Help won't keep coming to find you. Promachination is still under way in Nunki Valley. Do we return there, or to town? It's your choice, Sagi.

Our next mission...? Feh, easy for him to say as he sits back in the safety of his mansion. The way I see it, Verus is no different than Baelheit.

Can you believe this? Me – a girl who's been lectured at school a hundred times about the dangers of Holoholo Jungle – here without a landmark stone! Sagi and Guillo just don't understand the HORROR of it all! Oh, what's to become of us...

Milly was upset, but see? Everything always works out when you put your heads together. Well, unless you're that olifant...Now we can finally go see Queen Corellia. And wasn't the School of Magic Milly attended somewhere in Komo Mai, too? Maybe we could drop by afterwards. I want to know what Milly was like as a kid.