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Part 52: Champion

Okay, now that I have the horn of a hellishly powerful dragon from a thousand years ago, it's time to become Coliseum Champion. Let's go!

The Championship Battle is fairly tough, but still overall mostly manageable. This first fight can be kinda nasty since Queen Alraune still has her hit all poison attack, but it's really just an inconvenience now that Guillo can work its magic for absolute healing (I think the poison stays but who cares?)

The next battle is against some enemies we haven't seen before. These are from the final area of the final dungeon. As is the norm, enemies there qualify as minibosses in their own right, so you should keep your guard up. These particular enemies can do a good thousand or so damage with their nastier attack strings and specials. Better hope they don't decide to double-team Guillo!

After a couple forgettable fights, we get to the final match, which is one of those black cat monsters with this huge I don't even know monster (as well as a tiny imp monster that Guillo kept blocking and I couldn't get a good pic). The giant whatsits hit everyone with their standard attacks for something like 300-600 damage, and they can boost their stats and use a superlaser for something like 1000 on someone, so they basically suck to fight, especially in tandem with other things that are also evil.

I managed to win this one. We'll see how long that lasts.

Ark: Yes, his name shall certainly echo throughout the Coliseum halls for all eternity! But in the meantime, folks, let us share this moment of joy...and together, celebrate this momentous occasion! Ladies and gentlemen, our new hero...Conqueror of the Coliseum...Sagi!!

and Guillo and Milliarde

Elle Please Stop Having Voice Acted Lines: That means Sagi finally trashed those suckers and won! Look, Sagi became Champion just for me! How do you like that? Pretty cool, huh? All this for me! Ha ha hee!

(This is actually pretty cool...)

Sagi, are you in love?

All righty, now that we're the Champ, seven new battles have opened up for us. However, four of them require something a bit of effort to unlock. Three of the four are found through the course of the main game, and the fourth was found in the Wiseman quest. That's right, it's...

Monster parts and accessories! This allows us to refight a few old foes and occasionally their palette swaps. We have...

The Sandfeeder, and its enhanced version, the Hearteater or Heartfeeder or whatever that purple thing was called that we fought to get the stuff that saved Gena.

The Lord of the Lava Caves, who is all by itself and hilariously easy.

The Black Dragon, who is still hella hard, and...


I'm about 20-25 levels higher, have great equipment and techs, and she doesn't have her little birds. This rematch is amazingly cathartic.

(we also fight it's palette swap form Milly's quest but who cares?)

Those were the bottom four fights. The other fights are harder. Let's work our way upward. what I would say, but I tried to do them and died.

And you know what? It's the optional brutal battles. I think it's time.


Mountain Apples increase everyone's max HP by 5%. I got...I don't remember exactly, it was nine or ten. For reference, before I did this, Sagi had 2516 HP, Guillo had 2070 HP, and Milly had 2247 HP. It's a delightful thing.

And boy did I ever need that extra HP.

(also I was a stupid person and forgot to add Guillo's superattack into my deck, so that's why you're seeing Subzero Festival and not Frigid Queen's Festival).

Thankfully, I managed to bounce back and win. That was Looming Danger, and it's only that one fight. But that one fight is hard enough.

Ten Straight is...ten fights. They start easy and end difficult. This can be infuriating, since the final battle is pretty tough and losing it means you have to start alllll over and sit through the trivial fights again.

Said final battle being the same as the final battle in the championship battle, so it's pretty hard.

And finally...

Video: Wicked God vs. Wicked Gawd

This is one of those sorts of videos that I don't really recommend watching, but I uploaded anyway just in case anyone's curious about how the game can manage to still be hard and fights take forever despite me having access to The Apotheosis.

(the short version is Guillo dies all the fucking time)

The Wicked Gawd is THE superboss in the game, and it's...actually quite simple and doesn't have much in the way gimmicks and assorted bullshit.

And as usual, that's not to be confused with easy. This thing's attacks hurt like hell. While X-Bluster is it's worst attack, you can still expect to take 1000 plus damage per round from the main target alone.

X-Bluster also inflicts Blind, which is basically the one awful thing the boss can do besides deal an asston of damage.

It also has buddies, but they aren't all that bad. Well...comparatively, anyway.

They have one of those “many hits distributed randomly” attacks, but it only totals at about 1200 HP which is nothing spread across three people who are stuffed with delicious mountain apples. They can also deal up to about a thousand damage, but that's at their meanest. Usually it's more like 400 or so.

I'm not really sure if it's better to kill off the buddies or just try and get rid of the Gawd itself first (it's proper name is Arma Prototype M, in case you were wondering). I went for the cannons first..

And that's when this started. I'd say a good half of the total fight basically amounts to

-Arma kills Guillo
-Milly revives Guillo
-Arma kills Guillo
-Sagi revives Guillo
-Guillo uses Book of Mana
-I get a step closer to assembling a good attack.
-Repeat above steps indefinitely
-Actually attack?

And it can survive an Apotheosis, which leaves you sans MP (and thus without the Book of Mana) for several terrifying seconds.

It was a pretty intense fight, but finally I pulled through. Thanks, mountain apples! We should hang out again sometime.

Now that we're Champ, we can finally get this mystery prize for all of our RP. I wonder what it could be?

Huh? That seems...decidedly not worth it. But what's this about showing it to someone? Oh, oh, I know, I bet this belongs to Geldoblame! Let's give it to him.

...Oh. Well, I'm sure we'll find its rightful owner sometime.

In the meanwhile, join me next time for the update you've all been waiting for!