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Part 6: Episode 6: Museum's Closed

Episode 6: Museum's Closed

This time around we're attempting to gain entrance to the museum where Penguin has holed up with the majority of his men to try to rescue Mr. Freeze. That plan goes to hell pretty early when it is revealed Penguin has managed to find military grade signal jammers that block us from hacking into his systems, so we spend the episode hunting those down instead.

The Story So Far

Poisoned with the Joker's blood Batman needs to find a cure for the Titan formula's toxic after effects. Not to save him and his greatest rival, but to keep thousands of innocents from a painful and slow death as the Joker has revealed he managed to put samples of his blood into the Gotham Hospital system's blood supply. Joker isn't completely unkind and has told Batman that Mr. Freeze; a geneticist by trade, a super villain by necessity, has been working on a cure and was incredibly close when he cut off communication with Joker. What should have been an easy beatdown session on a walking refrigerator has turned into a fetch quest when Batman finds that the Penguin has captured Freeze and is keeping him at his base of operations.

Meanwhile, the Riddler has captured the members of the medical team Batman saved in the church and is holding them hostage until Batman can solve the Riddler's challenges. With all this weighing on his Titan infected mind, Batman enters the museum, figuring a cure will buy him time to right other wrongs in Arkham City...