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by TerminalBlue

Part 18

(There's a video of this heartfelt sequence HERE / Backup)

Mastaba did something to me with the remote he's holding. I can't move unless he lets me. I'm like a puppet on strings. The few parts of me that are still flesh and blood scream out for this man's blood, but the machine parts are obeying his every whim.

Mastaba: "You do not recognize me, but we have already met. I am Doctor Mastaba, your maker."

Mastaba: "I know you have many questions. Who are you? What have you become?"

Mastaba: "Persuing these questions will be the death of you."

Mastaba: "Guard, I need you in the operating room. This is not an emergency."

Guard: "Yes Sir."

Guard: "The Prisoner!"

Mastaba: "Relax, guard. This prisoner is under my control."

Mastaba: "But I do need you to perform an experiment. Or perhaps experiment is not the right word. I need you for a demonstration."

Using his remote, Mastaba yanks my strings. Struggling helplessly against it, I turn towards the guard, taking up a fighting stance. Energy flashes through my body blindingly as a bolt of searing energy shoots from a concealed device on my left arm. The guard drops to the ground, dead almost instantly.

Mastaba: "I will answer these questions for you now."

Mastaba: "You are an instrument of unimaginable power, free of all responsibility for your actions. Accept that reality and revel in your new existence."

Mastaba: "You are the first of the line. Here is the second. Soon he will join you. He will be as you are now."

Suddenly, the presumably unconscious patient on the table speaks.

Dane: "Never!"

He grabs the remote right out Mastaba's hand, crushing it in his metal fist.

Mastaba: "What?!"

It feels like my brain was crushed along with that remote, I slump helplessly to the floor. It feels like my brain is shutting down, and I'm certainly dying. The last thing I hear before losing consciousness is running feet and a door hissing open then closed. Mastaba got away, and now I'm dead. I only wish I could've stopped him.