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Original Thread: LP: Bioforge! By the Paragon, the thread is finished at last!



Released in 1995 by Origin Systems(We created worlds... )to a staggering amount of disinterest, Bioforge has never gotten the respect I feel it always deserved. Maybe the fact that people had pretty much realized that FMV games were worthless pieces of shit a couple years earlier, combined with the game being billed as an 'interactive movie' didn't help it fly off the shelf.

Thankfully the game is not actually FMV based, instead being of the prerendered background/3D character variety in the same vein as Alone in the Dark. The movement and combat is a bit clunky, but the graphics are quite good for the time, the storyline is interesting(who doesn't like revenge?), and the voice acting is actually pretty good. I remember the system specs were pretty high for the time, and my 286 just wasn't quite up to the task(8 Megs RAM, 33Mhz 486 were the minimum specs). A bit after it was released, I snagged a copy that came as a pack-in with the Sound Blaster bundle my grandpa bought. Along with WC III, and Magic Carpet 2, two other great games of the era.

I didn't get to play it until a few years later when I was able to steal some time on my mom's boss's brand new Gateway 2000 Pentium, running at a blazing 75Mhz . Since it's been 9 years since I've played it, I figured it was time. And the more people I can drag kicking and screaming along for the ride, the better.

You should really read the Field Personel File that came packed in with the game. It's not required reading(there's already plenty of that in the game), but it's well written, interesting, and gives you alot of background information on the setting and everybody's favorite insane blue-skinned ex-Mondite.

To the intro!

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