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by TerminalBlue

Part 34

Time to run the gauntlet again.

I can see the blocks up I passed earlier here. With luck the alien cube will work with these.

Mastaba: "You are too valuable to die here."

Mastaba over the loudspeakers again. I wonder if he ever gets tired of hearing himself talk. Does he really think that he can convince me to join him after I've already fought tooth and nail to be free from him and his band of wackos?

I half hop, half stumble off the catwalk and onto the alien cubes, laser bolts whizzing over my head. Looks like they can't shoot downwards, fortunately for me.

Mastaba: "You are everything we Mondites dream of becoming."

Mastaba: "The hope for the future."

How appealing. Mastaba should be concerned about his future with me on the loose.

Looks like the cube does work here.

I sure hope this thing doesn't run out of juice. I don't think a dip in the acid lake would do me any good.

There's something up ahead over this pile of blocks. Looks like a pile of scrap from here.

Looks like a dropship of the same type the Mondites seem to use. Oh, don't tell me...

Well well, if it isn't the Roenick, the first dropship I shot down with the tower laser.