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by TerminalBlue

Part 36

(New page be damned! It's update time! Video of this update and the last is Right in this spot / Backup)

Me: "All I want is to survive! If we don't work together right now, we're both dead."

Reason doesn't usually seem to work with these guys, but he might be a pilot of some sort, which would make him very useful in getting off the planet.

Captain: "My death means nothing. Let's see how you take to a stand up fight!"

I should have figured as much. Considering how little I really have to live for, I seem to be the only one around here that doesn't have a death wish. But somehow I can't just lay down and die like these brainwashed fools, not after I've come this far.

After all, what's one more Mondite corpse on my road to freedom?

Without further hesitation, I unload a blaster shot into him before he has a chance to use that huge gun he's carrying. I move in so I'm too close for him to shoot me and hit him with another one. He barely seems fazed by it. Whereas I'm wearing a simple environment suit, he has a set of full combat power armor. This is going to be a tough fight.

Captain: "You killed everyone in my unit! They died still in the freezers!"

Me: "Your ships were coming to kill me! I had no choice!"

Me: "Stop fighting me! We have to get off this planet NOW!"

Me: "All I want is to survive."

Me: "I'm sure I'll be joining you and your men in hell very shortly. The reactor's still going critical, and I can't stop it."

It's strange, I almost feel like I knew this man in some way. In different circumstances, I almost feel I could've been his friend.

I need to keep moving.

I take the dead Marine's gun. It looks much more powerful than mine. Additionally, it seems like it was designed to be used as a club when it runs out of energy. Very handy.

And this looks like the same remote that he used to close the door behind him. This bird might not be airworthy, but if the weapon systems are still active, it could still be useful.