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by TerminalBlue

Part 9

I head back to the guard room now that I have the code from Dane's log. I should be able to restore Caynan's palm print clearance and open the blast door, but it looks like there needs to be a hand on the scanner when the code is input, and there's no physical way for me to do both at one time.

Didn't the nursebot in Dane's cell have a manipulator on it? Maybe I can use the remote control to have it hold Caynan's severed arm on the scanner. It's worth a try.

Okay, Caynan's palm is being held on the scanner now.

Yes! It worked. Looks like someone has to be standing on the pressure plate before the door opens though. I'll just take my... er, Caynan's arm back and the door should open.

Finally, the door opens, and I'm on the fast track to freedom. Doesn't seem to be anybody around. It's time to get the hell out of here and see if I can't find a way off this damned moon.

As grotesque as it's getting lugging poor Caynan's arm around, I'd better take it with me. I might be able to open a couple more doors with it.

I take a brief moment to steel my resolve before making a break for it.

The door shuts behind me. I don't think I'll have to go back there, but you never know. Good thing I brought that arm with me, just in case I have to get back in. Looks like there's an elevator at the end of this corridor. I keep running.

Mecho: "Halt prisoner!"
"Do not move or you will be shot."

Oh fuck.