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by TerminalBlue

Part 22

This terminal looks very similar to the one back in the cellblock that controlled the nursebot.

Looks like this controls a little maintenance forklift. Maybe I can use it to take care of that security bot and avoid getting any more holes punched in me.

Oh great, another Mondite guard. Given Mastaba's tendency towards 'demonstrations', it's a wonder anybody is still alive on this base at all. Fortunately he doesn't seem to take much notice of the forklift as it probably runs on automatic most of the time. He'd better hope for his sake that he's not there when I come out. I need to fix that reactor, and I won't let anyone try to stop me.

Computer: "Danger! Reactor approaching critical state!"

Not good. Time's running out.

Computer: "Warning! Temperature of plasma field still increasing."

Computer: "Time until reactor critical: Indeterminate."

Finally the slow little forklift is in the reactor room. The familiar shape of a security bot stands perched on the edge of the catwalk. It seems to me looking more for people trying to get out than people trying to get in.

Anyway, only one thing to be done about it.

The forklift falls off along with the security bot, but it's alright, I'm done with it anyway. Now I just need a suit and I can fix this reactor before it blows us all to hell, or whatever those Mondites believe in.

This piece of machinery has the look of an airlock, but it can't be, there's no warning signs posted. Whatever it is, the pressure plate sets it off and everything gets very dark for a moment.

When the machine opens back up, I'm enclosed in a powered environment suit.

Just in the nick of time too. I feel another tremor coming on. That reactor's going to pop if I don't do something soon.