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by TerminalBlue

Part 11

I'll check the next level down.

Great, another security bot. This one seems to be programmed to just start shooting as soon as it sees me.

Back on the security level. Maybe I can slip past the security bot there and see what's in the corridor behind it.

I wait until the bot has gone past and make a break for it.

Fortunately the bot doesn't seem too interested in following me in here. It's probably programmed to stay in the corridor, fortunately for me.

This room is very cold, and there's a row of coffin-like containers against the wall, some kind of liquid being pumped into them constantly.

This control panel looks like it's hooked up to the entire system.

Cryogenics. I guess this is how they store Mastaba's victims after he's done with them. Maybe there's somebody alive in there that would be interested in helping me escape.

A Cyber-raptor? Sounds like bad news if it were to wake up. Better pass on this one.

Chamber 2 contains a human, but he's been lobotomized by Mastaba. And he's missing his arms and legs. I doubt he'd be much help to me. Poor bastard.

Oh, that's lovely. A genetically altered carrion eater with a huge appetite, potential for unlimited growth, and the ability to reproduce itself. Oh, and it's escaped. Even better.

And another genetically altered creature, this one with poisonous blood and a penchant for spitting it at things. So much for finding allies here.

On the far side of the room, there's what seems to be a button controlling this hatch in the floor, and a valve that looks like it's hooked up to the cryogenic systems. I think I'll leave that alone for now, as I don't think freezing myself solid would help me out much.

Looks like there's a maintenance ladder leading down to... wherever this hatch goes. I guess it's not like I have much to lose.

A large tank-like room filled with a reddish liquid with an acidic smell. There's something in here with me, smells like a rotting corpse. I hope it's not whatever escaped from the cryo chamber.

The smell is getting stronger. Guessing by the smell, maybe it's already dead.

Then again, maybe not.