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by TerminalBlue

Part 56

It's time to continue forward. The shield protects me as I step through the force field. It's a good thing my Phyxx friend left it for me, I can tell by the tingling on my skin that there's enough energy flowing through the door that I'd be fried to a crisp without it.

On the other side is an almost impossibly vast chamber. Continuing further I-

Mastaba: "There is no way to get out of the crater before the reactor goes critical."

"Unless you surrender, you are dead."

That's what he thinks. He's underestimated my will to live time and time again. I think he will find that he's the one who will be dead in the end.

I almost feel sorry for him at this point. He's obviously the kind of person that is used to things going exactly the way he wants. And now that they aren't, he irrationally continues clinging to the belief that he's still in control of the situation.

But I don't feel too sorry.