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by TerminalBlue

Part 26

134! Only two seconds left!

Computer: "Immediate critical situation nullified."

That was a close one.

Um, really really close.

Of course the reactor still isn't shut down fully, it's just in super low power mode. It'll still cook off eventually, but it'll take much longer than before. I plan to be far away from this damned little moon before then.

In any case, now that I don't have the imminent rector meltdown hanging over my head, I'm going back to the control room to look around. There's probably some useful information I can dig up on their computers.

Alot of these screens just have redundant information on them, but this one seems to have a sermon of sorts from the 'Paragon', the person these Mondites follow. It might give me a bit of insight into their motivations if I skim through it.

(Usual deal. If you don't read the following, you're not going to be lost, but it's worth reading anyway)

The Mondites actually follow this guy? He's a complete lunatic! No wonder these people are so crazy! No sane person would have anything to do with these guys.

Seems like the Mondites worship technology after a fashion. They believe it's mankind's destiny to be turned into perfect machines. I guess that explains alot about why Mastaba is doing the experiments. He's trying to realize their twisted dream, and I'm one of the early prototypes for his 'master race'. The entire idea makes me sick.