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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

Part 6

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Actually, I probably shouldn't be apologizing for not showing more of this game.

Tis the season to give before you receive.

I guess the mural might be to confuse cops into staying away? I try to read “Sorry, Charlie’s Tuna Shack” as a strip joint name and my brain just kind of gives up. I don’t know why there’s an implied solly-cholly joke in there.

Let’s have a pointless chat with the whores outside the club because THAT’S WHAT WE DO, MAN.

I have a feeling her stage name may be Serpentia.

Strip Joint

Baby, I used to be the star of this show.

Then why are you out here?

Money’s better. You the Man?

A cop? No. Just one pissed off asshole.

Yeah, you looked stressed out, baby.

That’s hookerspeak for “you look like a mysoginist psychopath.”

The cops

The Man don’t hassle me and the girls.


Disappearin’ lately, is what I hear.

Why do you say that?

Some of the regulars don’t show up on the streets no more… that’s all I know.


Baby, I’m to rich for you blood.

I don’t pay for it, bitch.

Then why you out here flirtin’ with me?

Searchin’ for information. That’s all.

Easy on the back pedal, Joey.

Perfect, another chance.

Oh God. I think this one’s a man, but Blackstar doesn’t realize it. She also comes with the exact same conversation options as Snake Eyes.

Strip Joint

It’s great. Lots of horny guys coming out. What more could a whore ask for?

Uh, not much.

The cops

Only one cop bothers me. Name’s Cam… something. A real asshole.

I know him. Difference of opinion.


I prefer Call Girl.


Show some respect asshole.

Good luck with that, you whoreslut.


$50 for straight sex. No games. $20 for oral pleasure. Use a rubber.

Quite reasonable.

Finally the connoisseur shines through.

Competition is stiff… so are the customers.

Funny whore.

He looks pretty goddamn happy about it.

Where’s a crowbar when we need one?

I don’t know if this guy even works here, but Blackstar is intimidated, so we’ll have to bargain our way past him.

Maybe’ll he’ll like some stale joints.

Pretty belligerent for a pothead. Let’s go inside.

This is Blackstar’s thought about this room. He’s not specifically talking about Prey. Though Prey might very well be a woman underneath all that hair.

More chattin’.

Night life

Slow night. Just the regulars. Haven’t seen you before.

Never been here.

Welcome to Charlie’s. Can I get you anything?

No thanks.

The cops

What about them?

They bother you?

Nah, we don’t get hassle. This is a respectable place.


Nothing like a good striptease.

Whatever turns you on.

Creep. Probably likes to look at naked women.

Work here long enough, it won’t turn you on anymore.

I ain’t here to watch.

Yeah, that’s what they all say.

Whatever, Pal.

Back room

Have you checked it out?


Three women. On stage. Total nudity.

Should I be impressed?

Y’know, you seem to have an attitude.

Yes. An attitude of aggressively disliking women.

It’s Prey! Who we came to see. Which means another conversation to transcribe. Argh.

What’s up

Blackstar! You made it.

Did you ever doubt it?

Nah. You can get into any joint. Even a classy place like this.

Of course.

The bar

Check out the babes in the back room.


I use ‘em, then abuse ‘em. I steal ‘em, then deal ‘em. You name it.

Just fyi, Prey’s talking about computers here, not women.

As I said on the phone, I have a laptop computer for sale.

And you said $100, right?

For you, Prey. $1000 to anyone else.

This is in 1995 dollars, remember.

Thanks, dude. You scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours.

I’ve got some Cruex for that. But seriously, we got a deal?

Most definitely. Jus’ let me check it out.

The park

I still hang there, but this place is cool… y’know… with all the babes.

I’ll have to look around and check out the scenery.

The Bearded Clams are smiling in the back room.


Break out the dollar bills…

OK, guess we’ll force Blackstar to look at some naked women before we settle up with Prey.

This den of jackals shall know My righteous fury, yae as Babylon these whores will behold tides of blood and the quaking of thunder

...Alright, let’s check out some of the punters.

(guy on the left) Unwinding after a tough day at the office.

He’s busy watching the dancers and playing with something in his pocket.

(any of the girls on stage) One of the dancers.

Don’t be rude. She hasn’t given permission to touch. Besides, she’s just a dancing whore.

(bald guy next to the middle stage) He needs to be close to the action.

Stay away from him. He has some wild look in his eyes.

Nothing else to do here for now. Let’s get back to the bar.

Let’s sell this hot merchandise.

This the laptop?

Yes. You got the cash?

Here you go. Looks like a nice piece of equipment. This the one you stole from that shop?

I gonna have to sew them lips together, Prey?

Shit, sorry… I freaked for a second. I’ll be cool.

Watch it, Pal. Our business is between me and you… not this whole joint.

It’ll never happen again.

See that it doesn’t. Before I forget, let me take the disk out of that thing first.

No problem. Here it is.

I need to have the encrypted message on this disk read… somehow.

You say somethin’?

Talkin’ to myself, Prey. Thanks, I gotta cruise. I’ll be in touch.

OK, we at least have an objective now – get that disk decrypted.

The smell of silicone was gettin’ to me.

Let’s get out of here before Blackstar gets a semi.