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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

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Original Thread: Welcome to my hell... let's play Blackstar: Agent of Justice! (SSLP)



Blackstar is a universally ignored (and hideously ugly) 1995 point ‘n click adventure game by Worwyk Software, in which you play the titular Blackstar, a self-styled private eye cum vigilante, cum tough guy. Garishly adorned in a purple trenchcoat with a pile of hair that would make Jon Bon Jovi gnash his teeth jealously, he is the white son of two Native Americans, a relationship which is never clearly defined, though his ‘heritage’ is an important plot point throughout. Blackstar spends his adventure trying to learn the truth about his mother’s fate, over the course of which he waxes nihilistically about the evils of the world and belittles more prostitutes than Frank Miller on a Wednesday.

The game is divided into two episodes, the first of which, “the Discovery,” was released as freeware and was kept expressly safe for the kids. The second episode, “the Sacrificial Life,” was stuffed with lots of swearing and ugly digitizations of naked women to make you feel you were paying for something worthwhile. While neither episode is very good at making its puzzles logical, the second episode especially suffers from having you lost for an objective and just running from location to location to see what’s changed, or using random items on objects in the hopes of getting a reaction.

I’ve only just played the second episode to completion, but the conclusion made me laugh so hard, I felt I had to share it. This game doesn’t have sound or music (or at least, none that I could get working, aside from some mindnumbing PC speaker noises), so I’m going to narrate some of Blackstar’s angst-ridden soliloquies set to appropriate music and offer it as an option to break up the silence. Also, this game is relatively short, to the point that you can finish each episode in about 20 minutes if you know what you’re doing and don’t linger on the dialogue – so this’ll be a short but hopefully sweet LP.

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Wriggly neck talk

Ratatozsk posted:

That picture leads me to believe that Jisel's head does not actually join her shoulders, but instead rests upon a long, worm-like, free-standing neck:

Ratatozsk posted:

Elite posted:

Yeah altering the necks slightly to exaggerate their weird wormlike nature really highlights how.. oh you've not modified them. That's actually how they look. Oh dear.

Zellus posted:

I keep expecting something like this to happen because of their creepy worm necks.

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