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Part 4

Back at the apartment, it appears we have another message.

That’s nice and all, but in episode 1 we can’t actually find the tribe. Dark Wolf doesn’t have anything new to say either if we visit him at the bar again. So forget about this for now.

Now that I have this disk and note, I guess I should call Cam back.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

Police. Cam Grissel speaking. Ya want somethin’?

Hey Cam, it’s Blackstar. Well, it’s done. Let’s meet.

Good work. You never let me down, y’know.

Of course. Name the time and place.

The large tree behind the station. I’ll head out in a few minutes. See you there.

Good. I might want to check out that disk Cam left me before I go see him, but Blackstar is of course too cool to have a computer. I saw one in Jisel’s apartment, but…

Ugh. Let’s go see Cam first.

I’m starting to wonder if Tommy Vitacco grew up in a Halloween shop and just thinks this is what normal people dress like.

His suit

You been sleepin’ in that suit, Cam.

You’re a regular funny man, Blackstar. A laugh riot.

Hey, lighten up, Pal.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. It’s been one of those weeks.

The wife

Didn’t you hear? She left me a few months ago. Couldn’t handle the hours, the stress… you know…

That’s too bad, Cam.

That’s the way it goes. I guess I’m married to the job now.

Locker room

Sanitary place, huh? I avoid the joint as much as possible.

Floppy disk

Have you examined the disk yet?

No. I need to get a computer and some privacy.

Sorry, I can’t help you with either.

Yeah, well I should be resourceful enough to find a computer.

Have you checked out Computer Castle yet? I’m sure they have what you’re looking for.

Probably closed for the night.

Ha… like that’s ever stopped you before.

Your [sic again] right, but maybe I shouldn’t be having this conversation with you.

Yeah, well you know how forgetful I am these days.

Sure thing, Cam. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued by the disk. Somehow I will find a way to look at it.

I’m sure you will.

Hmmm… maybe I should get in touch with Prey…

You say something?

Uh, no. I was just thinkin’ out loud.

Take care, Blackstar. I’m leaving.

There’s the last we’ll ever see of Cam. I’ll miss his neckerchief and Dundee hat.

We need to break into that computer store without setting off the alarm. Finally a reason to call Prey.

Ok, I’ll page Prey and he’ll meet me at Stauker Park.

Christ in a headband. Either Prey’s wearing a 18th century wig powdered with coal, or his hair is trying to eat his face.

What’s up

Not much, dude. How goes it with you?

I’m fine, Prey. But this isn’t a social visit.

Oh yeah? Business?

Looks like it.

Count me in, dude.

The cops

Haven’t caught me yet!


My specialty. What’cha need?

The E.A.D.

The electronic alarm disabler? Gonna break into somethin’?

You know better than to ask me a question like that.

Yeah, dude. Sorry.

No problem. When can I have it?

It’s your lucky day, Blackstar. I happen to have it on me now. The usual fee?

Which is WHAT this week?

Hey, for you, I’ll give you my weeknight discount. How ‘bout $100?

Hmmm… that sounds fair. You hangin’ here tonight?

Yeah, some deals are in the works, so I’ll be around.

Ok, I’ll be back.

The park

Turns out, this place is great for wheelin’ and dealin’, if you know what I mean.

Just watch yourself, Prey. You’re valuable to me and you do me no good from behind bars.

Gee… I’m touched.


Good thing I got $100 off that subway punk whose head Blackstar caved in.

No problem… and thanks.

Pleasure doin’ business with you, Blackstar.

I’m gonna hit the road, Prey. I’ll keep in touch.

OK, let’s do this thing.

Ah, the computer shop. What an opportunity for lame jokes.

It’s these kind of remarks that make me doubt your rebellion against nerdhood, Blackstar.


I’m sure it’s been emptied for the night.

Could come in handy if I ever need one. Too expensive for my blood. If only they were free…

Can’t use the crowbar to get into the glass case, by the way. According to Blackstar, “too much damage”. No, we need a more subtle instrument, like… a bag of heavy rocks.

Alright, let’s head home, hook it up, and check out that disk.

At last we shall discover the sordid secrets of the floppy.


Yesss… Justice.

Listen to the conclusion:

[sic] again. "You're" is so hard to get right. But check out these grainy scrunched screenshots!

N. Very very N.

And that concludes Episode 1. Join me next update for Episode 2: the Sacrificial Life! It's so mature, Blackstar will sometimes say the F-word.