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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

Part 8

There’s still a few locations I haven’t visited yet in this episode. Let’s check out Stauker Park.

The old guy reading a newspaper before is now scoping out the park with binocs. Blackstar is instantly drawn to them.

At this point I’m not sure why Blackstar wants these binoculars so bad, especially since there’s a perfectly fine mounted set right here.

Well, if he wants them so bad, he did get $100 off Prey for selling that laptop.

Little point to having them, since Blackstar can only use the mounted binoculars here. Still, let’s glance.

Remember those salacious descriptions we got on the windows in episode 1? Let’s see if episode 2 delivers on those…

Oh ho ho ho! Yep, those sure are tits. Why try to meet her, though? Clearly she is whore filth.

Oh yeah, here come the gushing Mel Odious plugs again.

This hippie fellow slides up into the frame and then out again.

He’s also of no consequence. Just a goofy face.

What the hell is she sitting in? If only I had the 70s Playboy issue this was scanned from.

And that’s the last window that shows something, giving Blackstar a chance to leak bodily fluids over seeing his idol.

Alright, enough of that. Nothing else to do at Stauker Park right now.

In the first episode, I didn’t visit Safe Harbor Inc because there was nothing to do. Let’s have a look now…

The fish all seem rotten in this harbor.

Blackstar is speaking figuratively, by the way. I must admit I didn’t quite get that at first because there’s no indication what kind of building this is. I was just like “Oh, I guess this is a harbor warehouse.”

Well, Blackstar doesn’t have any reason to hang around here right now. Let’s leave and come back later.

I haven’t had quite enough of this game’s adult content. Back we go to Sorry Charlie’s Tuna Bar.

Hey, a new face in the back room.

Robyn is the only woman in the game that has an excuse for looking like this: she’s a pre-op transsexual. Also notably, she’s a good friend of Blackstar’s. I ain’t judgin’. The bartender’s supposed to cue you in to Robyn’s presence with a line of dialogue, but I couldn’t make it trigger in this game.

What’s up

Blackstar! Long time… no see. How are you, darling?

Fine, Robyn. You look good.

Oh, thank you, sweetie. The pieces are almost in place.

I can see.

You’re making me blush, darling. You like what you see? It’s yours… anytime you want it.

The operation

Costs money, y’know. I’ve been saving. Had enough to get the tits done.

They look great.

A little farther south… that takes the big bucks. Someday… (sigh)…

Word on street

Word is, you’ve been asking too many questions. What’s up?

I’m working on something. It’s personal.

Darling, you wanna talk… I’m always here for you.

I know.

Safe Harbor

That big building across town? I’ve heard strange tales about that place.

Fucking finally, some plot development.

Like what?

Sweetie, that place is dangerous. You should stay away from it.

Tell me more.

Wild orgies. Satanic masses. Secret passages. Snuff films. All relating to that place.

Very interesting.

Blackstar, is that a hacksaw in your pocket or are you... dear God.

I could find out more.

I’d appreciate that. Ask around, Robyn. You’ve got sources. See what you can find out.

Ok, darling. Bring me a present… and you will be rewarded.

A present, huh? I’ll be back.

Finally, someone useful, and an actual lead. We just have to find something to appease her.

In the first episode I gave a blonde hooker some crappy bracelet from my apartment just so she’d talk to me, so let’s see if there’s anything else shiny lying around.

Outside is almost as dark as… my soul…

Maybe there’s some more naked women outside. Let’s try out those expensive binoculars.

Ach! Thwarted by a puzzle.

That really shouldn’t be much of an issue when you’re using binoculars to look outside. Whatev.

Nothing there? Still, interesting that I can check it out from here. No doubt that’ll come in handy. Anyway, I came here to look for a gift for Robyn. Maybe I can ask Jisel to give me back those orchids I gave her earlier.

I don’t doubt that for one second, your tresspassing pervert freak.

Another chance to try on her underwear and sift through her bathroom garbage…

That’s a rather dramatic way of saying Jisel isn’t here.

Oh well. Nab that mirror, you filthy pilferer.

Back we go to Sorry Charlie’s!

Why thank you, Blackstar. It’s beautiful. Is this a present for me?

Yes. Thought you would appreciate it’s beauty. You ask around about Safe Harbor?

Sure did. Word is… the place is a front for some high-tech snuff film operation.


The film is replaced with computer disks, CD-ROM… stuff like that.

I think I’ve seen one of the disks.

Guy who runs it. One evil dude. From the Southwest somewhere. Heard he killed many down there.

You sure about this?

That’s the word, Blackstar. Trust it… that’s your choice.

thanks, Robyn. You’ve helped a great deal. I have to go. See you around.

Things are starting to come together. Next time we’ll look into Safe Harbor some more!