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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

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Part 10

Here’s another one of those easily missed room transitions. Clicking all the way to the left takes us around the corner.

I guess we can walk around the side…

When there’s a will, there’s a way… in.

Let’s try the door.

It’s locked.

No dice on the door. But there’s another way in.

These windows are barred shut.

Finally a use for the hacksaw.

What the FU

Forget them. We have nobody to beat on… yet.

Why is Blackstar so incredibly reluctant to bring any weapons with him while he’s breaking into the home of a man he knows is a proficient killer? Speaking of which, Blackstar’s thought for this room:

Torture and pain are strength to a sick mind.

Don’t mind me. Just feeling up my surroundings.

Sounds like Blackstar’s ideal girlfriend.

We could have used the tools to get in this joint. No need for them now.

I’d disagree if those tools looked more like… anything.

S&M was never my game.

Still need evidence that this is the home of a killer, though.

Be careful…

The door leading out is of course locked, and there’s nothing useful in this room, so…

Keep quiet…

Two doors to check out. I’ll start with the one on the right.

It’s a bedroom. Shall we…

If it wasn’t so big, we could steal that picture. It’s intriguing.

It would certainly compliment the horrific piece of modern art in Blackstar’s apartment. Thought for this room:

Death permeates the air in this room.

Looks more like a Cabbage Patch doll.

What would Prey say if he caught me playin’ with dolls!

I don’t think he’d be surprised.

Nothing else in the bedroom right now. Let’s try the other door.

It’s the office. Shall we…

Ah, the office where we first met Blaze Stalker. Let’s examine his depraved belongings.

Often someones office conceals their deepest secrets

I’m going to not thumbnail these office scenes anymore – I figure if your boss can make out the nipples in all that pixelation, he’s already been watching too long over your shoulder for it to make a difference anymore.

Just one breast. Not both of them.

Hah! Wacky.

I guess this comment’s actually supposed to show over the plant.

I’ll let Blackstar feel up this pinup for a while…

Sure, fondle them if you want…

Jesus, the nipple was a button. I wouldn’t grab that scepter without gloves, Blackstar.

Anything in here?

The other half of the picture Sacred Bear gave us! And he feels compelled to leave the picture piece behind. Wouldn’t want the killer to know I was here. You know, after yelling in his face that he was a killer and that Blackstar knew what he had done.

Well, now we know for sure… no, actually, Blackstar still needs more evidence.

But we’re not going to find it in here. Let’s get back to the basement.

Don’t want to get caught in here.

I’ll try the scepter in that perfect hole in the wall…

Down we go… shit… a tunnel…

The room Blackstar saw in the video at the start of this episode. The blood looks a little too fresh to be his mother’s, though.

Ceremonies, like the one that took place here, have no place in today’s society.

Hmmm, this necklace looks familiar. Crafted with pride. I bet Sacred Bear would appreciate its beauty.

Yeah, or maybe you could give it to some whore who refuses to talk to you otherwise. Lemme just… ennh… get the blood off a bit…

I could try to pick anything else up here, but…

Don’t touch that shit! You ever heard of AIDS?

The necklace was the only reason to go here.

Ok. The bizarre scene was making me ill.

Oh, Blacky-poo.

I take out the scepter just in case. Don’t really know why Blackstar feels less obligated to put the scepter back in the hidden compartment in the office, than to leave the photo of his dad where it is.

We’ll climb back out…

This update’s getting long; return next time to witness as Blackstar puts everything together and exacts his glorious revenge.