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Part 5: Chapter ???: Villany blues

Inge posted:

The square boss was one of my most hated childhood adversaries

You see, being the hardcore gamer child I was, I flat out refused to do the grenade cheat. Made the boss fights a lot more intense.

One of my brothers was an expert defeating this particular boss (I died once fighting this boss thank God for save states ). We would simply pass the controller to him and he would easily defeat him.

Chapter ???: Villany blues

: Oh~ KittyKatts~ Oh Ms.Gray and Mr.Whiskers and Mr.Mustache! How do I love my kittykatts~
: ...

: Bad news, Boss! Bad news!
: What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?

: Err... yeah..
Boss someone has defeated 3 of the generals and its making its way deeper in our territory.
: Plutonia empire? Boss you are a regular street thug! You just named yourself " the thirteen twice removed" and you invented the royal family history...

: Hey I know you are my boss, but can you respect my personal...

: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaacccccccceeeeeeeeeee....

: Hmmp, minions aren't what they used to be. Isn't that right, Ms.Gray?
: Miau~
: HAHAHAHAHA, you got that right!

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