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Part 6: My tank can open doors.

Chapter 5: My tank can open doors.

: Where to now?
: The swamps, but we need to backtrack to the first world and since I'm low on power we need to grind for P icons. Good thing we can use the Hover power to go trough the shortcuts.
: Ok, I'll be careful...

: Err...

: Careful, eh?
: Aw shut up!

: See now that was a great idea!
: Yep its awesome since it can cut some time on backtracking, but since this games gives you a very limited numbers of continues is not very recommended. Also it strips you out of ANY secondary weapons and gun power which sucks.

: World 2 shortcut, no more taking the scenic thermal bath route!

Behind this door lies a flashing H icon and a few normal ones. Better those than killing enemies and hope they drop one. Optionally, but highly recommended, is to max out your gun power too.

: We are here.
: I don't see an entrance..
: Use the hover you fool.

: And what out for those behemoths!
: Jesus Christ.

: 16 years ago I would run across the room to mute the TV when someone reached this part. It gave my seven year old self fucking nightmares.

: Oh look, I have only entered this place and I already hate it...

: I really REALLY hate it...

: There's a few flashing H icons, Homing missiles ammo and a few gun power ups in here.

: Those guys are the reason I recommend that you max out your gun power. They are fucking annoying and stupid, but since you can destroy their bullets and most of these levels are compromised of walkways they become cannon fodder once you upgrade your gun.

: Told you it was worth the trip.

: Tell me this isn't a maze...
: ...
: Do you have a map then?
: Sorry this game doesn't have a map.
: Any OTHER kind of map?
: Oh~ Here you go!

: A simple but very annoying maze if you don't know where are you going.

: Thank you for the map Mr. Weird Person!

: I fucking hope Mr. Frog is in there...

: Why hello there ol'chap!
: There you are Mr. Frog! Let's go home! I need you for Biology class tomorrow.
: I'm afraid I can't let myself be dissected.
: Dissected? What?
: HA! Good one boy! Here meet my friend!

: ...
: I'm afraid its time for me to go! Later chap.
: I CaN't LeT yOu PaSs.......
: What?!?

: EoNs AgO i KnEw ThAt My DeStInY wAs To DiE bY yOuR hAnDs...... I hAvE tRaVeLeD fAr AnD bEyOnD iN mY sEaRcH fOr YoU......
: Who are you? What do I have to do with your destiny? And what happened to your eyes?
: EyEs?.... BoY tO wHeRe I'm GoInG.....
: i DoN't NeEd EyEs.....

: FiGhT mE!.......
: Compared to the level, the first frog fight is really fucking easy, he jumps three times...

Lashes out his tongue, jumps three times again and...

He spews some sort of seeds, jumps three times again and...

And fires a fireball in your general direction, then he jumps three times again repeating the cycle.

He is also susceptible to the infinite grenade trick, though its rather hard to hit him.

: I tHaNk YoU bOy FoR rElIvInG mE fRoM mY eTeRnAl PuNiShMeNt...

: I'm AfRaId ThErE iS nO tImE fOr ThAt.... BuT rEmEmBeR..... tHeRe Is No SuCh ThInG aS tHe PlUtOnIa EmPiRe...
: Huh?

: I hOpE wE mEeT sOoN iN hElL bRoThEr!!!!
: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa~
: ...

: Tank?
: Yess~?

: We need to talk...
: But I only met you yesterday!
: SHUT UP! I'm being serious here.

Next time on LP! Blaster Master: My Tank can swim.