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Part 11: Tager: Story 05

I use the crane in the back of the room to lower myself down to the bottom level of the facility.
Tager is soooo fat that-well, this. DAMN.

I guess the basic construction here is very similar to the Sector.

I take a quick look around and, satisfied that the area is safe, begin setting up the equipment in the spot Kokonoe designated.

You... Why have you come here?

So he is here...just like Kokonoe said he would be. Although...I can't help thinking about -why- she knew he'd be, that's not important. I need to focus on my work right now.

You should already know. I came here to retrieve you, Hakumen.
Retrieve? I do not recall making such a request.
From the moment you were rescued from the Boundary, Kokonoe has been your master...and we can't exactly allow a domesticated hound to roam free, now can we?
Hm. An interesting thing to're telling the "dog" who happened to be found that day to listen to the "cat"?
These analogies lose some of their flavor when there are literal cat and dog people living in your world.
Indeed, it was a coincidence. Sector Seven aims to kill the seithr at its source. You were just a by-product Kokonoe found along the line. Coincidence or not, that's irrelevant to her. She only sees you as another sample... A tool to research the original "units" that lied dormant within the Boundary.
Your purpose is of no interest to me. I exist only to eradicate evil from this earth. I am not bound by the whim of that Grimalkin. You, and Sector Seven, wish to dispose of seithr and return the world to how it once was. As yourself... Is what you desire truly just?
...What do you mean -just-?
Think, fool. The world of today thrives on seithr. Were it to disappear, would that world not end? Perhaps your actions will hurt the world, rather than save it. Losing Seither could bring humanity to its knees in a way the Black Beast could never have managed. How can you know this and still believe in Sector Seven?

Hakumen goes silent. He seems to be waiting for my answer.

What I have faith in isn't Sector Seven. It's Kokonoe. Since that day--and from now on--that won't change.
Ha ha ha ha ha! So you have given your faith to the Grimalkin!? How amusing!

I do my best to give him a level stare. Not the easiest thing to do when your opponent has no visible eyes. Eventually, he finishes laughing.

So you are a man who lives by what he believes. Your determination is refreshing, but if you wish to "retrieve" me, you must do so by force.
I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction.
I am Hakumen. The end has come.
Hah! Then prove to me my beliefs are wrong...

From ArcadeInfinity, circa 2009. Blast to the past, Calamity Trigger Tager VS Hakumen. Mike Z is playing Tager, he was a pretty well known Tager player back in the day. Now he works on Skullgirls. He had really good Tager gimmicks.

From the BBVlog, where NorCal Install is recorded. It's pretty good stuff, you should watch it.

CS2 Hakumen VS Tager is a match that involves a lot of turtling and poking. Hakumen has the advantage because of superior range, Tager will have to jump a lot to get in. Here's a sad ending version of this match.

From the BBVlog, one last Tager VS Tager, because it's the best matchup.

Guh... I did not expect that you would fare this well. Perhaps I have misjudged you and your so-called belief.

I've damaged him quite a bit... His movements are noticeably slower. This is my chance. I pulled out my communicator...

Can you hear me, Kokonoe? The devices are in place! Get ready to warp the target!
--Roger. Get away from Hakumen, so you don't get dragged in yourself, meathead.

As the Ars we've prepared begins to write itself out in the air, I can see Hakumen start to fade.

...Let me ask you one thing.
Do you really think that master of yours, the Grimalkin, deserves your faith?
That's none of your concern.
I BELIEVE COMPLETELY IN KOKONOE. Like half the time and the other half I'm like eh whatever I guess?
...Hmph. I seem to have struck a nerve. Until we meet again.

I can't see his face--if he even has one--but I feel like Hakumen grins at me before he disappears, along with the Ars.


His last words are still hanging in the air when I detect a dangerous presence behind me. More specifically, the presence of the Azure Grimoire. I turn around to see the sneer of a white-haired young man.

So, you're Ragna the Bloodedge, huh?
So what if I am? What are you gonna do about it, Sector Seven's... "Red Devil"?
...Huh? So you're not here for a fight?
Capturing you is only secondary... And I'm afraid, I don't have enough energy remaining to complete that task...
Tager is such a fucking gentleman, look at that.
Is that right? Well, I didn't want to get dragged into anything complicated, either... Thanks for saving me the trouble.
Don't let me get in your way...
Well... thanks for being so considerate...
Hmph! I just carry out my missions as I am told...nothing more, nothing there's no need to thank me.

I step into the elevator and pull out my communicator.
He lost enough weight for it fighting Hakumen I guess? Bodyslams are good cardio.

This is Tager. My mission's complete. Now returning to base.
Forget about the damn reports! Just get your ass back here! Teleportation went well enough, but that damn Hakumen really gets on my nerves...

Don't want to go back to Kokonoe, eh Hakumen? I...know how you feel.

Roger that. I'll return as fast as I can.
Oh, Tager...
What is it?
Nothing, I was just remembering something...back when I picked you up...
Hmph, what's gotten into you... reminiscing about the past?
Yeah, I am. Something wrong with that?

I found her somewhat pouting tone of voice strangely cute. She's acting like a teenage girl.

Hardly. It just didn't seem like something -you- would do.

Out of character, huh? Yeah, well, now that you mention it, I guess I am pretty busy these days... Not a lot of time for memory lane.

Too busy to remember if those days went by fast or slow...

OK... Now you've got me worried. You're being way too sentimental. Or are you just relieved Hakumen's been recovered?

It takes her a moment to respond. Almost like she's...hesitant.

Relieved...? No, I just hate how powerless I am. By the way, Tager...
Do you still need something?
Oh, it's not that... It's just... Thanks for everything you've done for me.
...I'm sorry. I didn't catch that.

The Kokonoe I know would never bother to thank me for my trouble. Perhaps my aural equipment is malfunctioning... The only other explanation I can think of is that I'm having auditory hallucinations. I have been under a lot of stress...

I said thanks for everything you've done for me. Especially for all the stuff you've done on this particular mission. What, you think it's strange for me to say thanks?
I wouldn't say "strange"...
But I believe that was the first time you've ever thanked me...So I was just surprised.
...Really? Huh. Thought I'd mention it before...

The static is increasing... I guess my reception is getting worse.

The connection is breaking up... I'll hear the rest when I return to base.
All right. I can't wait to see you again.

See me again? That seems like a strange thing to say...


...I'm sorry, Tager.

First gratitude and now an apology? If I'm not malfunctioning, then there must be something wrong with Kokonoe.

...Really. Is something wrong with you, Kokonoe? You are acting awfully strange today--

Those words I was about to utter, along with everything else on the face of this rotten world, disintegrated in a few moments...

I'm sorry, Tager...

For a second, I thought I just heard Kokonoe's voice again.

There's no need to worry... I'm sure you'll find me once again. I, took, look forward to that day...



That's it for Tager's story. I didn't post any EX videos of Tager since we've got quite a few in the thread, but it's safe to say the future looks bright and shiny for Tager as a viable character.

So it's time for a new character! There will be another intermission shortly, if you want to get a head start here's the previous intermission with all the character info for voting.


Tager is a cyborg under the employ of Sector Seven, sent to Kagatsuchi by his commander Kokonoe to retrieve Hakumen. In his story he meets up with Litchi in Orient Town, who attempts to stop him from reporting her current location, but is dissuaded by Jubei, a cat thing that's supposedly the strongest creature in the world.

Afterwords he enters the Library base and defeats Jin Kisaragi on his way to the bottom level. There he successfully captures Hakumen and teleports him back to Sector Seven. This is the reason for Hakumen's sudden disappearance in Ragna's ending. Tager and Ragna then have a chat, and Tager wanders on back to base only to get deactivated while he's making the trip back to the surface.

Name: Iron-Tager
Alias: TR-0009, The Red Devil
Race: Cyborg
Date of Birth: November 23
Birthplace: Ikaruga Federation
Gender: Male
Height: 240cm (7'10.5")
Weight: 550kg (1,212.5 lbs)
Blood type: Organic Oil
Drive: Voltic Battler