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Part 10: Tager: Story 04

There's only one more unit left to be set up. Unfortunately, it looks like I've saved the most difficult one for last...

Kokonoe's asking too much this time, but it is my job, after all.

She says I have to set it up inside the Library branch in Kagutsuchi...

...What the hell's going on? Is there not a single guard on duty?

This place is too quiet. It's kind of creeping me out. Is this a trap? Or...have they already found me?


I feel cold, vicious eyes on my back. I turn around and recognize the man standing before me--one of the Library's most decorated "heroes".

Hmph. Not a single guard in the entire branch. Is this your doing, Red Devil?
No... It was like this when I arrived.
A most plausible lie...and you want me to believe that? Don't you think that's a little too convenient?
Naturally. I wouldn't expect the murderer who needlessly slaughtered Ikaruga's guardian to hear me out.
Guardian? Who's that?

So he doesn't remember...I suppose he has no interest in someone he's already killed. I wonder if he feels any guilt at all for all the people he's killed.

You're too dangerous for your own good... I'm gonna need to take you down.
Take me down? Hmph... funny... then what are you waiting for!?

Unlimited Tager is pretty cool. I think I showed off all he could do, I'll run it down.

As Unlimited Tager you get to RUN. HELL YEAH. Also you're invincible while you do that, at least Tager's upper body. Throws/lows still work. You also get a double jump and an air dash. You can gadget finger people from their standing position, you can delay your standard D to pull people in, and 2B gets extra hits. Also you can do his 720/1080 by just pressing 3C or 3D if you have the meter.

For those curious the regular CS Jin VS Tager matchup is about as dumb as every Tager matchup. Jin can zone and controls the air really well, about the only thing you can use to your advantage is that Tager can sledgehammer through his drives. So if you know when to expect them you can bust through that shit.

Guagh... I Red Devil...?
This is the result of your own conceit. I guess you're just a rookie after all...

I leave Jin and head deeper into the facility to finish setting up the last of the equipment.


No Other Fighting Games update this week, have this thing instead. The next Tager update will be a lot longer and also the last one for him.

14 DAYS.