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Part 13: Tao: Story 01

Marching footsteps echoed all across Orient Town. Dozens of men and women in
the uniforms of the Novus Orbis Librarium appeared at the entrance to the main

At first the residents were amazed, but it wasn't long before they began to

[ Resident A ]: Are they from the Library? What the heck do they want from us!?
[ Resident B ]: Even the upper class is here!? Wh-- What's going on!?
[ Resident: Child ]: Mom, are they from the Library?
[ Resident: Mother ]: Shh, stay quiet, or you'll get caught!

Nope, no portraits for these guys. NPCS ARE NOT PEOPLE.

The long arm of the Library was not welcome here.

...But that didn't concern a middle-aged soldier who appeared to be the
commander of the troops standing at the gate. He cleared his throat and began
to speak.

[ NOL soldier ]: I bring you an announcement from the Novus Orbis Librarium.

The soldiers standing behind him began to move, spreading out through Orient Town like so many well-programmed automatons. Each one held a stack of papers, and as they moved through the town, they plastered their papers onto any surface that would hold them. On each piece of paper was a portrait of a vicious-looking man with a mass of spiky, silver hair and the word "Wanted" followed by a very large number. The Library man's voice echoed through the streets again.

[ NOL soldier ]: It has come to our knowledge that the SS-class Librarium traitor "Ragna the Bloodedge" has appeared in this Hierarchical City. For those who have seen this man, make sure to immediately report him to the Librarium. Those who provide him with shelter, or help him to escape, will be considered first-class criminals like him, and will be severely punished.

His message delivered, the man turned on his heel and began to walk away. The soldiers follow him, their own task complete as well.

That is what doctor's wear okay, hips need to breathe you don't understand.

A girl has been watching the whole thing through the window of a local clinic. As the Library troops leave, she turns around to ask a question to the other person in the room.

Do you know what that was about, Doc?
I'm not sure. This kind of stuff isn't unusual anymore.
Yeah, that's true. It'd be a waste of time thinking about it.

The girl mumbled the words, as if trying to convince herself, and climbed down from the window.

One of the posters on the wall of the clinic wasn't attached very well, and the tug of the wind pulls it free. It drifts lazily through the air, falling past Orient Town and down in the lower layers of Kagutsuchi. That was how word of the bounty for Ragna the Bloodedge spread to a part of Kagutsuchi the Library did not want to visit.

The wanted poster finally came to rest on the edge of a dark village. Something noticed it and came closer to examine it...

Huh? What is this?
Something is written on it.
I wonder what it is.

Not exactly cats or humans, the creatures kept their faces hidden deep within the hoods of their jackets. The half-human, half-cat Kaka clan lived on the lowest layer of the city of Kagutsuchi. A huge metal plate had been built above their village, blocking out all light.

When in doubt, always ask the elder!
Yeah, let's go ask the elder!

Zzz... Zzz...
Tao! Tao!
We've got an assignment from the elder!
Meow...I can't eat anymore, meow...

The two Kaka children ran up the small hill surrounded by scrap metal and broken machines. It was a special spot for the Kaka clan; the sun still shone there, making it warm and comfortable--perfect for a nap. The hill was covered in plants, all desperate for the taste of precious sunlight. The smell of warm grass filled the air. Taokaka, a warrior of the Kaka clan, was taking her nap in the sunlight.

She's asleep.
Yeah, she is.
Let's wake her up!
Yeah, let's wake her up!

Their ties change shape/color in this image, immersion ruined. HOW CAN I TAKE THIS GAME SERIOUSLY COME ON

...Hm, what do you want, little ones? Tao is still sleepy meow.
You have work, Tao.
Yeah, work.

They handed Taokaka the piece of paper they'd found. She took it reluctantly...there was still a lot more napping she wanted to do...

What about this piece of paper, meow? It's so thin, and it doesn't look at all that tasty.
The elder said you should catch that person and gets lots of money for him.
He said without that money, everybody would be in trouble.
Really? Then, that leaves us no choice. Let's get going later.

Taokaka yawned, stretched out her arms and legs, and...curled up and fell asleep.

Don't fall asleep, Tao!
He said without that money, everybody would be in trouble. You'll forget about this if you fall asleep now, Tao!

I won't forget about it, meow. Ouch! Stop biting my tail!

Unwilling to let Taokaka shirk her duty and get them in trouble, the children had sunk their sharp little teeth into her tail.

All right, meow. I guess I'll just go take care of it. Where should I go now?
That way!
The elder said that the exit over there leads to a place called Orient Town!
Over there, meow?
Yeah. Good luck!
Good luck!

Oh my god I forgot how many branches Taokaka's story has, this is going to break me. This is going to be a quick vote, Go over there, or wander off? You decide! On the bright side I have a few more days to think about but be too lazy to learn how to play Tao.

Also I forgot how weird it is that they really can't pick a consistent writing style in this game. Sometimes it's third person, sometimes it's first, we just flip a coin or something.


The material collection doesn't have any really early Tao concept art, but it does have this: