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Part 35: Noel: Story 02

I wonder what Tsubaki and Makoto are up to? I haven't seen them in a while.


Eek! I-I'm sorry, I was spacing out...!
...That uniform...You're with the NOL.
Ah...! S-Sector Seven!
You seem very distracted...for a combat officer. Or is this the caliber of soldier the NOL settles for...?
Th-That's not true! I was just thinking about something...!
And that is called being distracted.
More reasons why Tager is one of the best characters.

Urgh! More importantly...what are you doing here?
My affairs are none of your concern.
Incorrect. You're from Sector Seven. And I'm sure you've heard we raised the alarm.
Oh? So you know who I am?
Besides that blob guy murdering everyone you're literally the most conspicious person in the city, fatty.
Everybody knows the "Red Devil" from Sector Seven. B-But more importantly, you should know a Level D warning means the "Anti-Intervention Act" is in effect. You must leave here at once!
Unfortunately, we have no intention of listening to the Library...

Then I will have no choice but to detain you...
I don't particularly enjoy needless quarrels, but...

This match kinda sucks if you're Noel. Click to find out why.

That's why Bolverk is so important to me.
I need it...

But sometimes I I really in control?
Is it my will that moves me, or Bolverk's?
Am...Am I really...myself?

I don't know. I've had Bolverk for a long time, but I still don't know.
Maybe someone else would know...

I see... So you've decided.
Yeah... Though, I'm a little worried...
But it just doesn't seem right for them to be recruiting students before they've even graduated... Look, Noel, if you're not OK with this, I can bring it up with the brass...
Thanks, Tsubaki. But if I can do something with my own power, I want to do everything I can.
Are you sure you're gonna be OK? Jin's squad is always on the front lines... That means you'll be out there fighting in the thick of it.
I know... I think... But you know, I'll just think of it as an early graduation... six months early...
All right. I'll stay out of it, then. After all, it is your decision, Noel, not mine.
Tsubaki... I'm sorry...
Oh, there's nothing to apologize for. Just... promise me one thing.
Promise me that you'll always be the Noel that I know.
Promise me you'll never become a competent person.
But I
That's not what I meant. I've seen people leave for the war and come back someone else. It can change you. Dad was never the same after he came back...Even Jin... He's not the Jin I grew up with...
D-Don't worry about me... I won't change

This power! Who the hell...are you...? You're the data...


I hate to admit... But, I think it's time I take my leave.

...Ah! I...I won...didn't I...?
(But this isn't my power... Is it Bolverk's...?)
What on earth are the Nox Nyctores...? *sigh* Ah! I-I need to hurry to headquarters.

...Wh-Which way was it again? I can't use the radio, either... Oh, no...


Friendship! Determination! Victory! I am the ninja who fights in the name of love and justice, Bang Shishigami!
Y-You startled me...

You there!
I picked up a rumor that you gave my cute little disciple a pretty hard time...
Huh? D-Disciple?
Don't even try to play dumb! I'm talking about Carl!
I was like a mentor to him, as a vigilante... Yet you had the heart to mercilessly strike down such a young boy...
This is kind of mentioned in Carl's story but has no real basis in fact.
U-Umm, no, I was just--

Hah! I have no time for your villainous lies! I'll show you the meaning of justice!

U B-But--


The later challenge mode combos get kind of impractical. Also I didn't want to spend hours trying to do them.

Here's another Noel combo video that's pretty good if you like watching this stuff by Lunakage. I can't do anything about the terrible music, sorry. If you can ignore that there's some neat stuff, and the channel belongs to the moderator of the Noel forum on dustloop, who knows things about Noel. I've been referencing it as I'm getting into playing her.

Also combo videos are pretty much the definition of sub-optimal.

Don't look so down. Those kinds of people are in the minority.
Yeah, I know... I know that, but...But the way they say it...everyone's gonna think I'm a dirty animal or something...
Th-That's not true... I...
I know...both of you guys are really nice to me, and you don't discriminate, but...
I think they're all just jealous of your talent. A lot of the students here just got in because their parents are important. That's how I got in.
That's not true... You're an honors student, Tsubaki.
...Noel? What...are you doing?
*giggle* Makoto, your ears are so fluffy.
...Aaaargh! Right when I was being depressed, too...!
It would be pretty rad if racial tension was this easy to solve in real life. Someone should have just given Malcolm X a pat on the head.
Hey, stop touching them!
But, they're so soft...especially your tail. What's this? A concealed weapon?
I'm not a stuffed animal! I am...
Hehe... At least you look better now.

I...have been defeated... I cannot believe I lost a bully... I am ashamed...!
You have it all wrong! I wasn't bullying anyone.
Oh yeah. Do you happen to know where the NOL branch is in this city? I think I'm lost...
Have I mentioned Noel is pretty bad at her job? I feel like I should keep saying that.

He fainted...?
Ugh... Uh...
I-It's that way? Thank you very much! You're a lifesaver.
...So she goes...

Sir! Are you OK?
Er, it's nothing major.
Sir... Y-You're a terrible actor...
Oh, that girl...? Well, she wasn't exactly what I expected...
What a difficult fight that was. It's as though she had no killing intent whatsoever. Not only was there no murderous intent... I couldn't even sense her presence... It's like...she was...air...
The air...sir?

Updates are slow. I blame Blip. Also Noel is pretty fun to play, maybe I'll try her in CP.

Noel's theme, Bullet Dance. It's pretty good.

theonlypie314SA posted:

If you need some help with Carl's section, let me know. I main him in BBCS:EX. It's an odd choice I know..
That would be super helpful.