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Part 43: Litchi: Story 03

...I never knew such a place existed. I've been here so many times, but I didn't notice it.
Who you? I don reca s you be ore.

Finally... Finally, I get to meet long has it been since must have been ages.
I don kno you are. Go way.
..."Him", huh...? Beating around the bush doesn't make me feel any better...
I tol you ge lost.
You're gradually losing all of your memories, aren't you...?

Guaaaaaaah! Li...tchi...
Ah! Wait...!

Huh? Wh-What was--
Uh. I can't explain this until we beat the game.

Hur ... String threa through brain, pull out. Aah...aaah...ahahahaha...

Tournament footage from a long time ago. I couldn't find any videos for this match in CSEX, but since we're living in an outdated game anyway I just grabbed a CS2 video. You can still see the dynamic of this match, and how nasty Litchi can be for Arakune with the range of her staff and the fact that she can toss it around and bother him while he's in the air.

Owwww. Ugghh. don wa na die.

My hands begin to tremble...


I look down at him.

I...I don't know what to say. I'm...not trying to relieve his pain. I only want to kill relieve my own. If I kill him, the days of me worrying about him will end...and I'd just need to live the rest of my life with regret. I thought that was the right choice. But...that's just me running from my problems.
I didn't gain this power from the Boundary for something like much as I want to, I can't leave him like this. If I do, he'll just hurt someone again.
I'll go see the professor again. I'll find a way to stop you...and bring you back.
Litch is referring to Kokonoe of Sector 7, since she used to be a part of it. If you don't recall from Tager's story.
Pro ... Prof ssor...? Damn you, Prof ss ! You sti dare talk !? you try curse death!?
I'll come back for you... I promise.
Yeah, I'm sure he won't murder dozens of people while you're away or anything.

That butt slit probably isn't doing wonders to keep you warm either, doc.

Thanks. It's good that you're always energetic, but you'll catch a cold if you wear short sleeves all year long.

I suppose you're right... I probably look relieved because I know what I need to do. And I probably look troubled because I know how hard it's going to be.
Hmm... I'm not really sure what you mean, but hang in there, Doc.
Thanks for the support, Linhua. You might feel some of the weight on my shoulders, but can I count on you for your help?
Sure! Though I'm a little worried about that 'weight on my shoulders' part, you can count on me!

What I am trying to accomplish is by no means an easy feat...

But for some reason, when I look at Linhua's smile, it makes me think...maybe it's not that impossible.

I glance out the window at the night sky.

The stars look beautiful tonight.
Aren't they? Hey! A shooting star!

The cold night sky makes the stars shine brighter than ever.

But one star seems somehow...ominous, as if it's trying to tell us where the world is headed.

Yeah, that was a thing. I'm not going to show off Litchi's other paths, because it's just a fight with Carl and killing Arakune and getting all sad about it. Instead we're moving on to our last two characters, who are actually important and have stories that matter.

Also if you care you can vote for Jin or Rachel.