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Part 28: Chapter Twenty Two: Witch Kitchen

Music: 09 – Fly Pudding

Last time Tapeta revealed that he had given the Royal Signet to Nympho the witch. Since it’s the key to proving his identity as the true prince, it falls to us to drop by Nympho’s tower and get it back. Let’s zoom right over there, shall we?

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: Hellooo? Witch-lady? We wanna talk to ya about the Rolling Sign that frog gave you!

: You mean ‘Royal Signet’, Lin.

: That’s what I said, ain’t it?

: If you’re a hot guy looking for a hot date, meet me at the Wildcat Café west of here.

: Looks like she’s not at home, master.

: Figures. Oh well, we’ll just stroll down to the Wildcat Café and get her to hand it over. Perhaps this time the proprietor won’t try to murder us and turn our succulently roasted flesh into delicious pies or whatever.

Before then, though, we still have business in Nympho’s tower. Remember that petrified girl we saw who looked kinda like Sanamo?

She’s now back to normal just like everyone else.

: Oh, that’s right…I got into a fight with Nympho at the top and I think she turned me to stone. I think.

: I’m Sesso, the Water Shaman! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go find Granny and my sister Sanamo!

Sesso teleports off back to Township. We have no further business here, so it’s time to set off for the Wildcat Café.

Music: 02 – My Home Sweet Home

:…Wow. There are a lot of witches here.

So yeah, since we last visited a whole bunch of Nympho’s pals have turned up.

You can talk to all of them, and…

…their conversations…

…give the distinct impression…

…that there’s an underlying theme here.

Aside from that, there are other curiosities to be found in the cafe. Let’s talk to Mr. Wildcat for a moment.

:…So goes a questionable translation of the phrase that is the Wildcat Café’s motto! What happened to the guy that said it? Hmm. I think he spontaneously combusted or something.

A Rurouni Kenshin reference, huh. This is almost certainly a joke inserted by Ryusui, since Shishio and his famous catchphrase had yet to be introduced by the time of Breath of Fire II’s release. If so, it is rather ironic that Ryusui should mention questionable translations considering how many names and terms he seems to just straight-up lift from BoF III.

Huh. Well she can’t be too ba-

Music: 10 – I’ll Do It

Oh. That’s right – talking to her triggers a battle with a rather cool Wildcat Café backdrop. She’s not too tough though, having only around 300 HP. On defeat she yields 300 exp and that’s it. You can fight her as many times as you like, but even random encounters give more experience at this point. Anyway, we need to find Nympho, so it’s time to ask around a bit.

: Excuse me. We’re looking for a witch, name of ‘Nympho’. Tall, wears her hair long, fondness for allowing handsome men into her tower and then turning them to stone.

: Drowning her sorrows, huh.

: Hopefully we won’t have to fight her again to get the ring back.

: Nothing matters…*sniff* Nothing matters anymore! Who’d love a wreck like this, huh? Nobody, that’s who!


: Come back to laugh at your former captor in her darkest hour, is that it? Well, come on! Go ahead and laugh! I don’t care anymore!

: No, that’s not it at all. We just want to ask for Tapeta’s ring back.

:…Wha? You want a ring somebody gave me? Oh…the annoying frog. Here, take it…

: Where the hell did it go? Oh, don’t tell me I dropped it in the toilet…

:…What? Ew! We have to…to go down…there?!

: Not like we have a choice, right?

: That damn frog better appreciate what we’re doing for him!

: Here…goes…nothing!

Despite having the dungeon music this isn’t a proper dungeon. It’s only a single area and there are no random encounters.

The ring is to the left and down from the starting position. When you try to grab it, though…

The ring floats away. To get it back all you have to do is head back to the staircase and then walk north.

Simple as that.

: Okay, we got the ring. Time to get out of this stinking hole.

: What the hell is so important about that ring that you’d flush yourselves down the john to get it back?

: The ring is the Royal Signet of Fort Nageur. It’s not just a simple band of metal.

: Who the hell in their right or wrong mind would give the keys to the freakin’ kingdom to a witch?

: Ugh, let’s leave before the damn pity party starts again.

Exiting the bathroom reveals that all the witches have left the area. There’s nothing more to do here except to skip back to Fort Nageur.

: Ah, merci! Merci beaucoup! You have recovered the proof of my royal bloodline.

: You better be grateful! We had to crawl down the shitter to get to it!

: Oh, c’est terrible! You went through such troubles for me…

: Still, giving it away like that was sheer foolishness! What on earth possessed you?

: Ah, ‘tis better to have loved and lost…so much better to have loved and lost…

: The serenade can wait! We have a fraud to dethrone!

: Sometimes I don’t know why I put up with you!

And with that, Petape frogmarches (Hurr) Tapeta off to the throne room to present their case to the king. Next time we’ll be confronting the fake prince openly. Expect lots and lots of