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Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

by Maynia

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Original Thread: Only Those Whose Faith is True will be Saved: Broken Sword IV



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The Shadow of the Templars - George Stobbart, an American tourist in Paris, is unexpectedly caught up in far larger events when a bomb destroys the cafe he is sitting outside, a bomb apparently meant for a man he had seen enter the building immediately before. Working with a French journalist, Nico Collard, he tracks the murderer through the city (and the sewers), and ends up uncovering something far larger - the apparent survival of the Knights Templar, who plan to use an ancient artefact called the Sword of Baphomet to subvert humanity to their will. Following the trail through Spain, Syria and into Scotland, Stobbart finally stops the Templars by demolishing a church in Bannockburn using high explosives.

The Smoking Mirror - Returning to Paris after six months, Stobbart is thrown into trouble again, as Nico is kidnapped and he is left for dead after visiting the home of a famous archaeologist. Reluctantly co-operating with apparent romantic rival Andre Lobineau, he follows the trail to the Paris docks, rescuing Nico and finds that she was investigating a drug ring that also deals in Mayan artefacts. Stobbart and Collard eventually discover that, according to legend, three obsidian stones bearing the images of animals are required to stop the mad god Tezcatlipoca from escaping his imprisonment at the heart of a South American pyramid. After a lengthy search for the stones in London and the Caribbean, Stobbart stops Nico becoming a sacrifice to the Mayan god and the pair delve deep into the pyramid, using the stones in the nick of time and preventing Tezcatlipoca's escape.

The Sleeping Dragon - The murder of a scientist claiming to have broken the laws of physics and produced perpetual energy leads Stobbart into another strange adventure. Apparently, not all of the Templars fell at Bannockburn - an albino man by the name of Susarro has revived what remains as the Cult of the Dragon. After rescuing an old friend from certain death at the Cult's hands, Stobbart finds that Susarro intends to use an ancient device to gain immortality from the Earth's leylines. Accidentally rescuing Nico once again in the process, Stobbart, once more in reluctant co-operation with Lobineau, locates the required device for this goal, an armillary somewhere in Egypt. Chasing Susarro into the desert, they find that they were too slow to realise this - Susarro succeeds in activating the Armillary, triggering a large burst of geomantic energy at Glastonbury in England a day later. Managing to escape the ancient temple housing the device, though not without significant cost, George and Nico follow Susarro to Glastonbury, again arriving at the top of Glastonbury Tor moments too late - as the leader of the Cult of the Dragon absorbs the outburst of energy, which contorts and warps him into the form of a fire-breathing dragon. After being fortuitously knocked into an underground cavern apparently containing the tomb of King Arthur, George recovers what appears to be a magical sword, and returns to the surface to slay the dragon and finally put an end to the last offshoot of the Templars.

The Angel of Death, as the topic title suggests, is the third sequel to Broken Sword. After the backlash The Sleeping Dragon received - largely centred around the forced removal of point and click controls and the wholesale replacement of puzzles with box-pushing set pieces - Revolution hired Sumo Digital to do much of the actual work on Angel of Death (or Secrets of the Ark, if you're American). The game has no real connection to the earlier trilogy besides its returning characters, telling its own little tale of monatomic gold and Hebrew legends - though it would be surprising if old foes the Templars didn't sneak back in at some point...

Lead Characters

George Stobbart (Rolf Saxon) - Our long-suffering hero returns, now working as a bail bondsman in Harlem, New York, struggling to make ends meet following the bizarre events of the Sleeping Dragon.

Anna-Maria Presa (Regina Regan) - The second woman to wander into Stobbart's life and lead him directly into a madcap, life-threatening adventure, Anna-Maria drags George into events by leading a group of mobsters directly to him and leaving him with no choice but to get involved.


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