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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 10: Up next: Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Part 8: Up next: Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

: While you gents are getting suited up this would be a good time to bring me up to speed on your plan to get us off this ship.

Ah yes our plan... Here's a thought. How about you tell us how You would get us out of here and we'll compare it to our plan. Think of it as a learning experience.

: I'm sure the saviours of the NEO Earth base and destoryers of that RAM hidden base wouldn't want to hear any silly plan that I could come up with.

: Humour us then. Also could someone hose down Rick, he's starting to smell.

: Sounds good to me!

: I appreciate you enthusiasm there chum but if you could spare me a moment I think I have a better way.

: *yawn* Oh man I was having the craziest dream...

: And just where do we find this cabin? This ship is massive, we could be searching for days.

: Well according to serial number stenciled on this support beam, this is a G-Star class Heavy Cruiser. It's been a few years since I last thumbed through the technical schematics for one but if I'm not mistaken the armory is typically located on tier 12 section 4. And this Talon seems to me like a fellow who likes to keep his weapons close.

: But why am I telling you this? I'm sure you had this all figured out already and I'm just babbling.

: We'll forgive you, this time...

: ... I dreamt that we were in a cell waiting to get violently gang raped by space pirates and then Buck Rogers came out of nowhere to save us.

: Pretty crazy eh?

: Hello there.


: I'll get the smelling salts ready.

: There it is let's go!

: Hold on there for a second sport something doesn't seem right here.

: Can I touch you?

: What?

: Nothing!

: Don't even think about it.


: Say Buck, we've been talking it over and we decided to elect you as honorary captain for the duration of this mission.

: Judas!

: Hey look no offence but I don't feel like dying on some god forsaken pirate ship.


: Well if you truly feel that way then it would be my honor.

: The first order of business for any successful team is to have clearly defined member roles.

: Ok Maur is obviously our muscle and pointman, and Hank we're going to need your demo skills to set the charges. You guys game for that?

: Hot damn.

: Good. Next we all know the backbone of a good team is always a skilled doctor. I can't count the number of times you boys saved my bacon from the fire. I trust you'll be there to patch us up?

: It would be my pleasure sir.

: And you my roguery friend. We'll need you to crack the lock on that armory door.

: Consider it done.

: And what cool job do I get to do?

: Well to be honest we don't really have a need for two Rocket Jocks. Here's an idea though, how about you hang back and watch out for danger from behind. Sound good?


: Super.

: Ok everyone can I get a "Go Team Neo"?

: Sure thing!

: Actually everyone except for you Rick, I really need you out in that hallway. You know danger and all.

: Umm.. ok I guess I can do that.

: Super, now on three...


: go team...

: Ok time to shine everyone, let's do this!

: Good show there chum.


: Ok everyone load up with as much explosive as you can hold.

: And I'm going just going to hold onto this for safe keeping.

: It was pizza day too, you bastards are going to pay.

: Oh crap.

: Wait a second... Is that Buck Rogers?

: Oh my God it is! Please kill me first Mr. Rogers!

: Screw you he's killing me first!

: Calm down folks I will kill you all, I promise.


: Yorn desh born?

: You want a knife fight eh? Bring it.

: Børk! Børk! Børk!"

: Ok Hank your up.

: About time.

: I'd advise everyone to stand well back. This is going to be a big one.

: Ok I think that riled them up. Let's head to the engineering section.

: Most of the guards are off putting out the fire, just like you said.

: Now I can't take all the credit, this was a team effort.

: I wish you would be our captain for every mission!


: Can I have your autograph?

: Here you go, I sign all my bullets.

: Yay!

: Smashy time!

: Not the most elegant approach but it works. Now they won't be able to follow our ship when we leave.

: Wait a second guys I need to say somehting.

: Can't it wait? We're almost back to our ship.

: No it can't. Now I've been quiet up to this point but I've got something to say now.

: We've come all this way and have a shot a taking out a major threat to NEO and we're just going to escape away like some bandits in the night?

: And just what are you proposing?

: I say we go up to the bridge, sneak up on Talon, capture him and get him to surrender the ship to us. Then we can return to NEO head quarters as heroes!

: And why should we listen to you?

: Becuase I'm still the leader of this group dammit, no matter what Captain N: Game Master over there thinks.

: I don't know about this ...

: Trust me I have a feeling that this is going to work out fine.

: You're on your own. If you come to your senses I will be waiting in the ship.

: Fine we don't need you. How many wussy pirates could Talon have in there anyway?

: Oh-My-Gawd....

: Thank you Rick for once again killing us all.


: I don't know how you fools escaped your cell but this time there will be no mercy. Kill them!

: Yaaarrrr!

: Just hold on one god damn moment you bald headed bastard!

: Who said that?!

: Oh it's that retard I beat up on earlier. What do you want?

: What I want you juiced up baboon is a rematch. If I win you have to let us all go.

: A rematch eh? How about it boys, do you want to see some sport before we slaughter the rest of these?


: Fine then I'll just have to make this quick again, I have a universe to plunder.

: Bring it.

: I can't watch...

: You had the advantage before but now it's time to show you the Hell I can bring you!

: Wait, what?!


: You've got to try harder than that jerk ass.

: How can this be happening?!

: Nooooo!!!

: Holy crap.

: Allowed to go what?

: *sigh* Allowed to go... sir.

: That's better, Bitch.

: Not that I didn't have complete faith in you of course.

: Yes we wouldn't want that to happen...