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by Vexation

Part 15: Trail of Tears.

Part 13: Trail of Tears.

: *huff* *huff* Oh god damn it! We really need to get a jet car.

: We can barely afford to keep the ship gassed up as it is. Just keep going we're almost there.

: Well here's that blue rock Tuskon was talking about. I guess all we can do now is wait for them to get here.

: Or maybe not...

: Do I even want to know how you got these?

: ...

: Please tell me you at least washed them first.

: ...


: Oh god, it smells like a garbage bag stuffed with dead racoons that's been left in the sun.

: Also we find this among the dead.

: Come to papa baby!

: I don't think so.

: What? Why the hell not?

: This is going to be a stealth mission. The last thing we need is for you to have a weapon of mass death in your hands. I'll let Doc hold onto it for now.

: I'm not sure if that is wise but ok.


: Glad to have you aboard.

: Also if any of you become wounded and cannot continue I promise to grant you a quick and painless warrior's death.

: Uh, thanks?

: What do you see up there?

: Guard posts mostly. Also there seems to be what looks like a big barrel sticking out of the side of the mountain. I can't get a good look at it.

: Come with me. I know of another way.

:tuskon: : I shall take you through the ancients tunnels, held sacred by the braves of our tribe for many generations.

: Wow, is this where you conduct a ancient male right of passage into manhood or something cool like that?

:tuskon: : Not really, it's just mainly where we come to drink in peace away from the squaws.

: It appears to be an intercom system.

: Well there's not much else we can do but try it. *click*

: Uhh... No, none at all. Those dirt monkeys barely made us break a sweat.

: We saw them feeling the city. We tried to catch them but their well toned bodies we're too fast for us.

: We'll be sure to do just that.

: Hmm, the signs warns about lethal radiation. What could they have built here that would produce such high levels?

: I don't know but I think it would be a good idea try and dig up some info about what this place is used for before we going blindly charging ahead.

: But isn't that what we always do?

: True, but for once I'd like a mission to end without us having to outrun a massive fireball or hordes of space mutants.

: I think it would be a good idea try and dig up some info about what this place is used for. Shiv, hack into the consoles around here and see what you can find.

NOTICE: To all personnel, Gradivus Mons
In order to bring our project into profitability as soon as possible, we are transferring more personnel to the Operations Facility. To be eligible for this duty, personnel must be approved for Blue clearance Due to the tight security of the project, Blue Passcards must be issued before departure.

patriot: : Boring. What else is there?

REQUEST FOR MATERIAL, FROM: Project Headquarters
TO: Gradivus Mons
Shipped: Three (3) lens cradle aligner's tools, One (1) aimer's maglev platform, Fourteen (14) lens focusers, Two (2) worker units.
Notes: All parts of the Project cradle have arrived. Aiming units are undergoing testing now.

No lens has arrived from Venus yet.

: They are going to be waiting a while for that piece.

NOTICE: To Lowlander Base, Gradivus Mons
FROM: Project Headquarters
As you know, we closely monitor the locations of all high-level Project security devices. It has come to our attention that security device #A00412RST has been lost on the planet Venus. Preliminary inquiries implicate Lowlander natives. The officer in charge has been demoted.

The entire Project cannot be assumed secure until the retinal scan device is recovered.

: Huh, I guess that retinal lockpick might be worth something after all. Hank no more using it to pick your teeth.

: *grunt*

: Oops.

: Damn they're on to us. Cheese it.

: Treasure?

: No treasure.

: At least here's one of those fancy Blue cards that everyone is raving about.

: It looks like this shaft runs right to the top. Think we should take it?

: I don't know, doesn't it seem suspicious why all the elevators would be shut down, yet they would leave this convenient route wide open?

: I'm sure they just forgot about it. Besides what's the worst that can be up there?

: Uh, this?


: I hope you have a plan.

: Actually for once I do. Ok Doc, time to hit it!

: I don't really know how to use this thing.

: Just press the damn button!

: Ok, here goes nothing...

:supraburn: :supraburn: :supraburn: :supraburn: :supraburn: :supraburn:

: Well let's see what so important behind these door. Blue card don't fail us now.

: :aaaa:

: ... That is a big gun.

: Yes... yes it is.

: Intruders!

: Blargh!

: Ha!


: Nice one there pale face.

: Ruunn!

: Why does everything we touch end in horrible flames?

: Everyone follow that sissy!

: We're never going to make it!

: There's that airshaft we came up in!

: Jump!

: Oh God!

: Shiiii-

: Oh man my head... Is everyone ok?

: I think I broke my ---

: ...

: I mean I'm just fine!

: We are not free yet. The big smoke is coming.

: I odn't know what that means but it sounds bad. Gun it everyone!

: There's something you don't see everyday.

: ...

: Ok, something normal people don't see everyday.

: If anyone asks I'm going to put in my report that we located the base and then bombed it from space. Agreed?

: Agreed.

: Well isn't that touching. Can we take off these damn suits yet?

: I will travel no further with you. I tell you truly that I cannot find it in my heart to care about your land, which is so far away from us and our struggle. We have been made with the love of this pure land next to our hearts, and so great is it that little else can intrude. Yet I wish for you silent stalking and true shooting, for you have been a friend to us. and we have stood together against our common enemy. Farewell.

: Wait, isn't it a tradition to see off heroes with a big feast or something?

: Actually its traditional to crack open heroes skulls and eat their brains in order to spread their courage throughout the tribe.

: ...

: For the love of god man fly!