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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 16: Women Troubles.

Part 14: Women Troubles.

: What are we doing back here on Luna?

: Well I know the last couple of missions have been hard on us all and by the looks of things the next one is not going to be any better.

: That doesn't answer my question.

: Calm down I'm getting to it. So I thought before we all go to what I'm sure will be our certain deaths, that I would treat you all to a fancy meal.

: Now that's more like it. Bring on the grub.

: I hate to be negative, but Chez Luna is far from being a "fancy" establishment. In fact I'm surprised it even reopened after that poisoning incident.

: It was the only place that will honor my Neo issued food stamps.

: Um, do we know you?

: My name is Wilma and I'm a Neo agent like you guys. In fact I'm surprised I haven't ran into you at the monthly Neo staff parties before.

: Yeah... We don't get invited to any of those.

: I see...

: We'd love to help but we we're kind of hope to have our last meal.

: Technically that was an order not a request, but if you help me I'd be very grateful.

: I don't kno- Hey!

: Step aside player. Of course we'd be more than happy to help a lovely lady like yourself.

: I think this is a bad idea.

: And I think you should shut up.

: Not much of a disguise. Since when do maintenance robots have rocket launchers?

: Charge!


: Ok stand aside boys and let a real man show you how it's done.

: Does it look something like that?


: Fine, the robot's dead and everyone's happy. Now let's go now.

: Just hold on a second, it's time for the damsel in distress to reward
her knight.


: That's it? Just a lousy thank you? What a jip.


: Well at least we can still catch a late supper if we hurry.

: *zzt* Attention. All personal are to report to HQ immediately. *zzt*

: I guess that means no supper tonight.

: Maybe you'll have better luck with this one Maur.

: Shut up.

: Hey that's Atha! We've got to rescue her.

: But-

: You have your orders. Dismissed!

: So does that mean you're going to help us?

: I would love to but I've got a hot date with Wilma later.


: Even his walk is arrogant...

: As much as it pains me to admit does have a point I guess.

: I agree, to hell with authority. Everyone to the ship!

: I do hope you know that this is going to be a trap.

: It's not like we have a choice. We might as well get it over with.

: Well you called it Doc.

: Being right all the time does have it's drawbacks.

: Pfft. If this is the best that they can put together for a trap I'm going to be upset.

: We have a report? I must say that I'm kind of flattered.

: Just keep on squawking lady. It's going to take more than a few grunts to take us down.

: Oh crap.

: Now this is more like it.

: Too many monkeys!

: Burn 'em! Send them back to hell!

: I'm so hungry that even burning mutant ape is smelling pretty good.

: I'm starting to get tired of this bitch.

: No wait!

: What the hell was that? I mean common!

: Just be thankful it wasn't worse.

: And how could it be worse?

: I'll be shutting up now.

: Good plan.

: There's too many of them. Run!

: Seriously, which god did we offend in our past lives?

: I didn't want to do this lady but you left us no choice. Shoot her!

: With pleasure.

: Please let it be anything but a robot.

: Who keeps making these things?

: I don't know but they've yet to make one that's Maur-proof.

: Now we just have to figure out how to stop that crazy whore before she kills us all.

: Nice one sister.

: Don't worry we'll drop you off directly on Mars.

: Doc see if you can patch her up. Hank and Maur, you guys go back and carve up some of those burnt monkeys carcases.

: Why would we do a disgusting think like that?

: Because our food stamps were incinerated by the robots and it's a long ride back to HQ.


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