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Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space

by Frankomatic

Part 4: Fall 1957: Pre-Vote

Time passes by...

In the news... holy shit the Lions use to be capable of winning football games. Er, sorry, former Michigan native nature coming out there... anyways, more importantly, you have recieved the coveted 'You can research better' event. Quite the windfall so early on!

That new building in the middle there was added when you bought the Explorer program. It serves as the building for all the unmanned items.

Clicking on it provides you with some almost interesting stats. These'll be more
interesting when you buy new programs and start launching missions involving satellites and whatnot.

Aside from that, everything is basically the same, so I'll just provide you with your quick stats and let you guys get to deliberating on what to do.

Status Report: Fall 1957, US Side

Purchased Projects and relevant information
Explorer Satellite
Unit Cost: 1
R&D Cost Per Team: 1
Unit Weight: 300
Current Safety: 61%
Max R&D: 95%
Max Safety: 98%

Unit Cost: 3
R&D Cost Per Team: 2
Max Payload: 600
Current Safety: 28%
Max R&D: 84%
Max Safety: 98%

Equipment List

Missions you could attempt
Orbital Satellite: 3 steps, 1 checks v Rocket, 2 check v Satellite. Requires 1 rocket, 1 Satellite.

Missions to occur this season
No scheduled launches.

Voting for what to do will end at 6:00AM EST on Saturday, Feb 19th. This is due to me working nights on the weekend, so that'll be the earliest after 24 hours that I can check.