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Part 14: Episode 11: Thanks A Lot (USS) Obama!

Episode 11: Thanks A Lot (USS) Obama!
We're close to the end now. We're on the USS Obama where nothing could possibili go wrong...that's the first thing that's ever gone wrong here.

Things to Notice

Apparently by 2025 America has forgiven David Petraeus for having that affair with that crazy woman who wrote a book about him. Gay marriage probably isn't legal, though.

Wouldn't be a David S. Goyer script if the bad guy wasn't beaten in the interrogation chamber and would only talk to one person.

Ulysses by Tennyson, if anyone was interested.

I am pretty glad that these turrets only appear a couple times in the game, they are bullet sponges, well, until I remember that I have a sniper rifle that kills them in 2 shots.

When the game was first announced little events like this, where you had the option to do a couple things were touted as major features. Alas, they are mostly absent from the game and have been reduced to opening up side alleys and alternate paths, which is nice in and of itself.

Get off my plane!