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by valkhorn

Part 20: Reverse Clock Tower

Part 21 - Reverse Clock Tower

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After defeating Shaft (or so we think), and being transported to the inverse castle, we can pretty much go in whatever direction we wish. Some go right, some go left. I choose to go left simply because I'd rather get the reverse clock tower out of the way so I don't have to deal with it anymore. You'll see why. Let's equip our Mirror Cuirasses and get it over with.

I'm also (now) aware that the Mormegil isn't a good idea here, but it doesn't change much for now. I switch to a better weapon eventually, and will show it off some in the next episode.

Boss: Darkwing Bat:
Level: 35
HP: 600
Exp: 1200

EDIT: After spending nearly 2 hours on part 22, I finally was able to get the rare drops I needed in The Forbidden Library. That area and the Reverse Clock Tower were the two areas I wasn't looking forward to due to how tedious they are to get what I want, but now they're behind me so I'm glad.