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Part 21: The Forbidden Library

Big update today. I am uploading a new soundtrack video for Lost Paintings/Lost Portraits, as well as all of the boss 'tactics' videos. These are what you can buy from the Master Librarian. I will add the rest of the bosses as I encounter them in the LP. In each Youtube description for each boss, I cut and pasted from a boss faq about how to beat each boss - so I can save room here. Also, the Lesser Demon isn't available as a 'tactic', so I might just stitch together something from my own video...

The 22nd video of the LP is short - because I had to grind and grind and grind for two items - and you can probably guess what they are. I originally said I'd grind on screen if possible, but this is not grinding anyone (including me) wants to see. It's just going back and forth on and off screen dozens of times.

Part 22 - The Forbidden Library

YT Description:


Since we're so close, let's head to the reverse version of the Long Library - The Forbidden Library. Here, we have new enemies that are all (except for one) related to The Wizard of Oz. There's no Dorothy, but we do have a scarecrow, tin man, and lion. There's a Schmoo - and from the Castlevania wiki this likely came from the Li'l Abner comics, but who knows. Two weapons we are grinding for here are the Crissaegrim (rare drop from the Schmoo), and the Muramasa (rare drop from the Scarecrow). The Lion and Tin Man also have rare drops (Fist of Tulkas and Mojo Mail) - but I'm not interested in those last two items. Grinding for the Crissaegrim took about 10 minutes in Alucart mode with the Ares Ring, and about 10 more minutes for the Muramasa.

The best grinding spot for both items is found by starting from the entrance to the Forbidden Library, and going straight across until you get to the final chamber. At the entrance, go off and on screen to face two Schmoos and a Scarecrow. Duck to hit the second Schmoo, take on the Scarecrow last.

Sountrack Update - Lost Paintings/Lost Portraits

Boss Tactics Videos:

I realize this is a ton of content, but the boss tactics videos are just for reference and for those who are curious about each individual boss. They show off the different attacks pretty well, and an alternative way of fighting them in most cases.