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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

by valkhorn

Part 24: Part 25 and Part 26

Two videos tonight since I hadn't uploded recently. Oh, that's three videos because one's a boss enemy. Can you guess which one?

Part 25 - Reverse Entrance


We play a bit of catch up in this episode. I spent a bit of time grinding the Muramasa up to a reasonable strength and I ground a bit for the Axelord Armor. I go back to the beginning of the inverted castle to catch a teleporter and I also show off a few things near the Clock. I realize I could have gotten another teleporter on the way but I can do that later.

I got the Muramasa to an attack level of 75. This way it's strong enough to be useful, but not ridiculous like the Crissaegrim.

I also could have edited out the first few syllables but after the horrible week I've had I left it in because I found it funny.

Here is a good Muramasa leveling guide:

Part 26 - Reverse Caverns


We go to the reverse caverns and find a long lost item or two that someone took away from us in the beginning of the game. Who could that be, and what will we have to do to get those items back? There is a bit of map marking in this level but we do face an interesting boss enemy. I also completely screw up the Alucard Shield/Shield Rod trick - but I'll try to correct that in one of the future episodes. I have plans for that.

Boss Video: