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Part 69: Episode LXIII: Lynx and the Clash on Sky Dragon Isle

Alright, I think we've had quite enough fooling about. Time to finish this silly dragon dueling business once and for all. Our final adversary is the party's former savior, the Sky Dragon. Don't ask me how she managed to get to Another World for this fight. I don't know. Maybe Starky freaked her out earlier and she abandoned ship? Or maybe it's just a plot hole. Who knows?! Stop asking!

Music: Garden of the Gods

In any case, there's no hassle to reaching the final dragon like there was that stoned jerk, the Green Dragon. It's just chilling out at the summit of Sky Dragon Isle and patiently waiting for Team Lynx to show up.

"I am the Sky Dragon of the White Element."
"Oh yeah! You're the one that saved us from the Dead Sea. Hey, thanks for the assist! Sorry about the whole...required beating you into submission thing we've gotta do. You know how it goes..."
"It's cool."
"Don't I know it!"

"Let me test thy skills to see if thou art truly worthy to enter the Sea of Eden!"
"Don't stand in my way, Sky Dragon... I'm aiming..."
" ...for the stars."

Okie dokie. Time for the battle against quad-winged Sky Dragon; last of the Sleeping Dragon Gods of El Nido. The Sky Dragon really isn't too difficult. Doubly so given Lynx's recent upgrades in the last few updates. Indeed, I had to slow the hell down just to see how the thing attacked for a write-up because Lynx waxed the thing in about a minute flat pretty much by himself.

Seriously, he's doing nearly 800 damage a hit with his ultimate weapon and shades. It's fucking bananas!

Anyway, our prime goal is to finally complete the elemental plate set with the White Plate. The game is now pretty much officially broken for nearly any situation that may be thrown our way.

The Sky Dragon has a trio of unique techs. The first, White Breath, does a whole...20 damage or so... But, can cause the somewhat annoying Fatigue status effect (take a wild guess what that might do.)

It also has a far more potent Holy Breath that hits the entire party for a good 300+ damage and is a bit more of a threat. Especially, if anyone is down a bit on their health. This too can afflict fatigue.

Lastly, it can summon forth aid from the Lord and Savior ChuChu and heal itself for 600+ HP. This would be very annoying if, again, Lynx couldn't do around 1800 hit points worth of damage every time he attacked.

Other than that, it has a few buffs and some standard issue physical attacks. For the final dragon it's not really all that much of a stand out of the lot. But, I'm not complaining. This whole dragon business has grown a bit long in the tooth if you ask me.

And as per tradition we get a quick and easy level-up for our efforts.

As well as yet another summon marching in to our stock. One of these days we might even get to use with of these things...

"I will grant thee the protection of the Sky Dragon."
"When it comes to me and my crew's skills..."
"...the sky is the limit."
"Thou art not amusing."
"Give it a rest, boy."
"Tch. You all are just jealous..."

And so the Sky Dragon bestows upon Lynx the final sacred relic: the holy door knob.

"With the divine protection of the 6 Dragons... Venture deep beyond the Pearly Gates, across the dimensions."
"Thanks for the tip, dragon. See ya..."
" another world."
"Thou are already in Another World."
"Y-Yeah... I...knew that..."

And so the White Sky Dragon takes off in search of deus ex machina escape intervention opportunities for other enterprising adventurers or whatever the hell unemployed dragons do when not serving as boss fights.

Welp, despite what the dragon just said we cannot actually venture to the Sea of Eden just yet. Remember, Harle said Serge needs his real body back. So, we still need to settle that little dilemma before the path will be clear.

You'll recall that eyes phasing through hair priestess jerk, Steena, had a nice and fully functional Dragon's Tear plot device just sitting around being used as a paper weight in her shrine's office. Well, she wasn't given that thing up until we kicked all her worshiped lords' assorted asses. Time to collect on that debt.

"Hey lady, I beat up all the dr-wait what? Just like that...? No speech...? No forking over all the relics as proof?"
"My predecessor, Direa, was the one that had a fondness for speechcraft. I like to just cut to the chase."
"Cool, babe. Ice cool."

And just like that we get the most sacred treasure of this entire religious order and second most powerful magic icon of the region. Not bad.

" really aren't the talkative type, are you?"
"Let us depart immediately."

And just like that we get our third-to-last party member. Well, for such a short update that was quite productive...

Steena Official Art - I think I already posted this, but it was FOREVER ago. So, here it is again.

Steena Concept Art - That is quite the popped collar right there...