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Part 72: Episode LXV (Part 2): Steve and the Pearly Gates

Welp, the market has spoken and this abomination now has a name.

"Please, 'tis no trouble on mine part."

And so we gain the final party member of Chrono Cross: a sentient turnip knight. Sure... Sure, why not?

"Seriously, that is the *last* time I ever score weed off Doc. God damn..."

Well, there is actually a TON of new shit to do now that Serge is back in his rightful form and the band is all back together. But...meh, the plot hasn't advanced an iota in eons, other than the main character getting a model swap. So, I think we might as well just proceed to the Sea of Eden and get this thing over with.

The Dead Sea is looking less than impressive post-nuking. It'd probably make a good tourist spot, at least. Just so long as you steer cruise liners clear of tears in the fabric of time and space.

In the area are three "Fate Distortions", which are our ticket into...whatever the hell is in this region in Another World... Now that we have all six dragon relics and our old dimensional singularity, Serge, we're able to finally cross over here.

"So...umm... Nice weather..."
"I used to enjoy warm summer days like this with my sister all the time... I miss her. I'll find her some day. I will!"
"You really have kind of an unhealthy fixation on her, don't you...?"
"What do you mean? My sister always used to say stuff like that and I'd ask her what it meant. She'd just giggle at me when I asked. I miss her."

"Let the path be known for the ones facing fate..."

And with that, all six relics zoom into the air and put on a laser light show for the new entries into the exclusive Sea of Eden Resort.

They then violently slam down into the glowing anomaly beneath the waves and send a pillar of light into the heavens. Then...

...oh. Well...umm...that was anti-climactic...