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Part 77: Episode LXX: Kid and the Fate of Humanity

Music: Prisoners of Fate

"I... FATE..the Goddess of Fate...was not meant to die..."

And thus Lynx/Dark Serge/FATE or whatever the hell its name is fades away like a dead Jedi. Welp, that's that. Good job everybody!

"Serge... What happened to me?"
"It's a very long, very stupid story... Let's just get outta here..."
"Aha!? That...? That's it!!!"

Kid, immediately distracted by a new shiny object, starts haphazardly hopping up the very tall technological structure...

...don't even ask me how the hell she manages to climb on top of a massive sphere. I don't even know anymore...

Harle decides she wants to be part of the plot again and teleports into the room...

"Yo! Harle! Where the *hell* have you been!?"
"Ne touchez pas! Do not touch it! Kid! I know ze feelinz you have inside of you... Ze urge to bring everyt'ing to not'ing iz now stronger zan your desire to save everyone. You may want to t'row yourself down ze cliff of destruction... Zat iz your impératif. But s'il vous plaît, Kid... Do not drag Serge and ze odderz down into destruction wit' you!"

"This is...not gonna end well, is it?"
"You're finally catching on..."

"It's too late! There's no turnin' back now!"

"Definitely not gonna end well... Kid, I'm gonna stab you again... Well, for the first time me doing it but... Argh! Just stop doing stupid shit! God!"


Music: Garden of the Gods


Meanwhile, on Sky Dragon Isle...

Did somebody order the Eco-Friendly version of the Black Omen?

Back at Chronopolis... Time for the inapplicability suddenly extremely knowledgeable Kid's info dump...

"In the year 2400, during a counter-time experiment, the Flame goes out of control... This caused the dimensions to rip apart, resultin' in the Time Crash. Engulfed in an enormous dimensional vortex, Chronopolis was hurled ten thousand years back in time. Perhaps it was the awakenin' Lavos who pulled the Frozen Flame back through time to it. Maybe so that Lavos, who saw the possibility that some young adventurers might destroy it, could create a backup plan."
"...So lost right now..."
"But that ain't all... At the same time, another city from a different dimension's future, was also thrown back in time. Dinopolis... The future city of the Reptites -- Azala's descendants, who had evolved more closely with the planet. Just as Lavos, in an attempt to save itself, summoned Chronopolis from the distant future... Perhaps our planet beckoned Dinopolis into the past...maybe as a measure against Chronopolis and humanity."
"It wasn't the Dragon Gods who sealed up the Frozen Flame! It was FATE, which used the Flame's power to divide and seal the Dragons in slumber! And now that FATE has been defeated, the Dragons will join together again to start their revenge!"
"So... you're saying..."

" ...we just totally fucked up...? Didn't we...?"



"...GET OUT!"

Then, utilizing a bunch of...tongue like tendrils out of the Sky Dragon's back, the six legendary Dragon Gods of El Nido merge into one...


"I didn't want to have to fight wit' you if it could have been avoided!"
"Is ANYONE gonna explain what in the hell is going on?!"
"Pardonnez-moi. But zer Is no time."
<sigh> "Figures as much..."

Well, if you were wondering about that hidden seventh dragon Steena mentioned back at the Chrono Cross chamber: you're looking at her.

And so Harle dash into the heart of the Frozen Flame device, before zooming off with it In order to join the others. And that is the last time we ever see her.

Kid decides her massive info dump has taken the wind out of her and decides to faint once again as we fade to black...

Terra Tower Rises

Dragon Merger (You should probably watch this)

Dragonian Artwork