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Part 78: Episode LXXI: Collected Stories From Another El Nido

Music: A Lost Child of Time

"Well, that friggin' sucked..."
"Give me a frickin' break! You mean to tell me we were bein' used all this time!?"
"What is done is done. Although we may not like it... In any case, we need to make our way into that floating tower."
"Yes. We cannot just twiddle our thumbs and do nothing."
"The only problem is..."
"Anyone here know how to fly...?"
"So, we have ta find a way up there, right? It's not like the great S.S. Invincible can make it up there, either..."
"There has to be a way."
"Yes, the world has infinite possibilities."
"Most of 'em stupid... But, you're right..."
"There has to be something that will help us reach that tower."
"Hmmm... At least our objective is clear. I do not know how, but we must find a way."
"Yea...that sounds about as meandering as every other objective we've had so far... But...meh... Sure, why not?"

"Doesn't look like she'll ever wake up..."
"Wha...? She's in a coma now...? How the hell did that happen?"

"Well, at least she can rest quietly there. Plus, Radius will watch over her."
"Great...old man Dickpuncher McPremeditatedmurder. Safest place in El Nido..."
"Her spirit seems to be possessed by the past. A powerful item is necessary in order to dispel it."
"And how did you figure that one out...?"
"I am just reading what is on the script."

"No use just mopin' around here."
"Indeed, we have much to do. However, time will not wait."
"Then we have to take action! Let's shove off, mateys!"

"I hate my life..."

And so, once again we are dumped in the world with some vague objective and absolutely no inkling of where to begin. Terrific.

We can go check out Terra Tower. It's sort of just chilling out where Sky Dragon Isle used to be located. There's no time limit of when the dragons' wrath is going to begin or anything. For the moment, the fused Dragon God seems content on just hanging out in its tower and throwing <fully bio-degradable> cans at the humans below.

At this point we can pick-up the Level 7 Techs of just about all our party members. Serge, Glenn, Leah, Macha, Marcy, Miki, Radius, Sneff, Van, and Zappa all gained theirs via leveling between 35-40 Stars. So, they're all set.

We've already gotten Draggy, Fargo, Funguy, Grobyc, Janice, Karsh, Norris, Orcha, Riddel, and Zoah's Techs. Spigg doesn't have any addition ones and Pip is...his own thing... So, that just leaves Viper, Turnip, Steena, Starky, Poshul, Orlha, Nikki, NeoFio, Lucky D, Luccia, Leena, Irenes, Greco, and Doc... No big deal, right...?

Oh well... Let's just knock out everyone in Another World first, shall we?

First Story: Doc and the Knowledge of the Day Yet to Come...

Many of the remaining Level 7 techs are somewhat esoteric in their requirements. But, a few are pretty simple to figure out. Our first one requires we go to Guldove and not have Doc in our current active party (so he'll show up smoking a bowl in his office.) We must also have picked up the Medical Book in the Dead Sea ruins. So's pretty easy to get screwed out of this one.

Music: Another Guldove

"Hmm, now this is interesting...'re blowing my mind here..."

Some time passes...

"Humans, demi-humans, animals, you name it. The bio-structure of every living organism in this world is listed in full detail... H-How can this be?"
"It's for the future. Or a dead future. Or...a future that never was or...? Look, I'm not clear on *where* the hell we exactly got it. But, future is one of the adjectives in describin' whatever the hell the mess was...."
"...What did you say? You brought this book from the future? There are still many things beyond science in this world... Hahaha, the future sure holds many surprises!"
"Yes, Doc... That would describe the future..."
"Dude... We are down the rabbit hole here, bro..."
"I'm making a huge mistake here, aren't I?"

"Should we say this medical book is a 'legacy of the future'...per se? But, Serge, bro. Are you sure you want me to keep this book?"
"Suddenly having my doubts. But...meh... You're the only doctor I know... Effort enough for me."

"Good to hear it..."


Second Story: The Terrible Truth of Lucky Dan

This next Tech just requires Lucky D to be in the party and return to where we first found him. But...we need to make a pit stop in the same location in Home World (where we got the shark tooth that lead to his recruitment) first to gain a bit of knowledge...

A quick dimensional hop later...

"Something about praying to Lasery, Aurey, and Lickey. 'Even if you had all the money in the world, what use is it if you're dead?''Even if you had eternal life, what's the point of each day if you don't have love?'"
"...Stuff like that. Weird, huh? Maybe I'm overworked."
"Nah... Sounds like you're just getting some psychic feedback from the you in an alternate dimension. I'll see what I can do to put a button on that..."

Back to another dimension...

"Actually, I bought these three idols bundled with Lucky D for a real good price. I think the merchant also said something about telling the idols about the most precious thing in your life. Why don't you give your prayers to the three idols, too? Along with Lucky D?"
"Yeah...not like I've got anything better to do..."

So, we just need to follow the same order of idols as the guy in Home World was muttering about. Easy enough.

And thus the pagan ritual is complete and the devil god of the idols is summoned.

"A lucky charm that brings forth love? A lucky...doll...?"

Music: Prisoners of Fate

"I came-om to this world as a means of placing a curse on people. I'm all about anger and hate. I doon't bring-om happiness at all! I'm just a malicious, unlucky, straw doll..."
" duh..."
"Yoou-om knew?"
"'re a talking, walking, Black innate voodoo doll I found in some cultist nutjob's basement. No offense, guy..."
"It's cool."
"I'm surprised the natives didn't burn you at the stake months ago..."

"I simply stood-om here, pondering and pondering... If I came-om to this world just to place-om curses on people... Then I wish I hadn't been boorn-om at all..."
Are we doing this...? Really? The scarecrow is going full blown life hating emo on me and giving a speech...? <groan>

"That was when I first met-om yoou, Serge-om... And as I traveled-om alongside yoou, I got to thinking... I feel-om very fortunate to be boorn-om in this age... Because I was able to meet up-om with all of yoou. Now I realize, that noo matter what the reason foor being alive, I'm really glad I was boorn-om into this world! Thanks-om, Serge-om."
"Umm... You're welcome-om?"
"I'm not a lucky doll... I'm-om just an ugly, straw doll... Bu still... I'm-om very happy."

Had we left Lucky D with his slave name, Toby Mojo, it would not change to the far more pun riddled "Mojoy" now. I stand by my decision....

Thus, Lucky D gets shoved back in the broom closet, never to be used again.

Third Story: Steena and the Specters of Hydra Marsh

Steena, bizarrely enough, is the only character in the game that must retrieve both her Level 5 AND Level 7 Techs. Indeed, you can come across her Level 5 Tech long before ever recruiting her. I'm not sure what triggers it, but...

Music: Hydra's Swamp some point in Another World, back where we found the anti-toxic goop hazmat suits, a giant hole opens up in the area. The party should, of course, abandon all sense of safety and immediately hop into the abyss.

Amusingly enough (unless you're out of Brace elements) the fall will actually Sprain all three character's ankles. This is a godawful status effect to have if you're out of its cure, since it disables running on the field...

"Wait a minute... I remember that squeaky voice... Not *those* pricks again!"

"Oh, put a friggin' sock in it! There's like fifty three different species rolling around here still with no problem. That's not human's fault the creature you're co-dependent on died and you pricks went down with it. That's you pint-sized punks losing the whole survival of the fittest race."
"Hi-ho! Nuh-uh!"

The pissed dwarven spirit summons a skeletal hydra to attack the party. Since zombie skeletons attacking is just all part of nature's circle of life, right?

At this point in the game, it goes down in about twenty seconds. To make no mention that it is one of the very few undead enemies that will get its shit wrecked by healing items.

"Did we do the right thing?"
"Who knows what is right or wrong? Nobody has the answer."
"And more importantly, who cares? Minority races are just gonna throw a hissy fit and blame us anyway."

A good lesson to learn for any race.

Fourth Story: Glenn and the Legacy of the Einlanzer

Now, I said before that Glenn naturally learns his Level 7 Tech via leveling up. But, he does have an added power-up unique to him. We just need to stroll over to Termina.

I hadn't mentioned it earlier and the game neglects to fill you in, what with the whole abrupt as hell transition from Team Lynx to Team Clusterfuck. But, following Garai's defeat earlier in the game and the Einlanzer being recovered to counter the Masamune, the Einlanzer actually becomes a sword Glenn can use when he returns to the party...five or six hours later...

Music: Dragon Knight

Now, if we equip the Einlanzer on Glenn and finish up that whole Karsh/Riddel/Dario side quest business, we can take or medieval amphibian hero referencing knight buddy to go claim what is rightful his...

"The Einlanzer is resonating...?"

Glenn yanks that sonuvabitch out of his dad's memorial and strikes a badass pose. Zappa is very impressed.

"The sword I will take into my hands... And together, we will fulfill our unfinished dream!"

Well, I just said Glenn already gained the Einlanzer, right...? Welp, this means...

...Glenn is now a dual-wielding balla like his old man. Spiffy.

Fifth Story: Luccia and the Ooze

The next one is pretty damned obscure unless you are just looking every friggin' place on the map for god knows what reason.

Music: Snakebone Mansion

This one requires Luccia be in the party for a return trip to the depths of the worst dungeon in all of Chrono Cross: the sewer level.

Here, Team Serge must make their way across a stream of water without falling into the pit to the lower reaches of the dungeon. Then, they have to make a trek to the top left corner of the area here, previously containing a dead end with a very unremarkable treasure. There, they will find a poorly rendered pile of slime. Yeah...

"Vot life force... I must incubate it right away... Ooh hoho hoho..."
"Maybe those dragons SHOULD just go ahead and wipe us out..."

Luccia received: SpaceCnstrat.

Sixth Story: Steve Learns About the Birds and the Bees

This final Tech requires Steve and NeoFio to form up a Team Vegetable and return to where we first recruited the tentacle flower monstrosity on the roof of Viper Manor.

"Sure! Go phor it."
"I'm ready to be immolated at this point... We're just asking for it now..."

Steve nosedives into the pool that gave birth to NeoFio because...uhh...

...I have no idea what the fuck just happened here. Honestly, I don't think I want to know...

Seventh Story: Serge and the Seventh Element

Our final adventure in Another World today will take us back to the Divine Dragon Falls. Now that FATE has been deleted from El Nido's hard drive, something has changed here.

Utilizing the Dragon's Tear shards in the spooky Lower Norfair cavern will no longer cause them to fizzle out immediately. Indeed, a violent reaction now occurs.

The Tears of Love and Hate put on a brief trippy laser light show before slamming together into one. And so the final seal is unleashed... People, we have the...

Music: Victory ~ Call of Summer


Yes, the titular mythical seventh element we've only heard about in passing once beforehand, a few hours ago... is finally in the hands of Team Serge. That was...shockingly painless for the thing the game is named after.

The Chrono Cross is not just a plot MacGuffin either. It's an actual new element that can be equipped and everything. It's Serge only and if stuck in a Level 8 slot, it can refill all spent elements. Pretty spiffy stuff... It also has several other powerful uses but...we'll get to that later...

Welp, that's about all for Another World for the time being. As far as Tech gathering goes, at the very least. See ya on the flip side...