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Part 21

Chapter 3: ???
Part 1

Last we left off, Velma was being a bitch again.

Yes, this seems much better than a bleak, dystopian future. Jerk.


I'm going to guess a mix between a Sherlock Holmes novel and the Dark Tower series.

Notice how close Velma stands to _____.

Time travel, apparently, is a lot more rampant than we know.

After a brief chat as to each person's origins...

That makes perfect sense!

Yes. You will stay here, alone.

Problem solved.

Old man then goes on to explain that the pillars of light we came from are connected to the gates. The center one, of course, being connected to 2300 A.D., where we came from. As you can see, there are two others.


An empty room?

He then goes on to point out that _____ is lightning, and Velma is Fire. Frank, however...


This is so silly, I love it.

Do do do...





It ain't no thang.

Heheh. Get it? Because it's the end of time, so... wait, that's not very funny.


Yeah, this was totally voluntary this time, but, just for good measure...

Fuck you, Velma.