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Part 36

Super special giant update! And in less than a day! HOORAY

Chapter 6: 65,000,000 B.C.
Part 3

What did I just say?! Lavos is from SPACE.

Do I have to?

Wait, fight it NOW?

_____ is just a sheep.

Good, because my ankle kinda hurts, and...

... and we have our explanation as to why these Gates exist.

What? N

Damn it.

Velma.. you... god damn it.


First mention of Frank's delicious Time Gyro. Not for eating.

Remember when Azala mentioned that the earth would grow cold and ice would overtake its surface?

It happened.

Don't ask me about the logistics of having to chain an island to keep it from falling. I'm pretty sure any such rationale doesn't exist. Anyway, this area is blocked off at the moment.

Heading to the right leads us to our real goals, an Antarctic Research Station!

For all you know, this is what they have in Antarctica.

Whoa nelly!

The proverbial fan just had shit thrown at it.

Welcome to Zeal.
You might notice this theme as being the same one that plays during Melchior's introspection when he rebuilds the Masamune.

First little city is largely uneventful, except for this.

Ahaha! You're such a jokester!

Who have we met that has said that?


Because he's a little shit.

There's a secret in here.

It involves opening three elemental books

in the proper order

To open that passageway.

Hmph! I'll wipe the floor with you!


He then gives us Magic and a Speed Tab. Neat!

Beyond all of this the kingdom of Zeal is basically Hint Monarchy. The story is vastly expanded upon here if you talk to the residents, in addition to many glimpses at end-game quests and ultimate equipment gathering. Instead of the normal commentary, I'll be pointing out some of the interesting things you learn.

First off, Masa, Mune, and the third one, Doreen, are all in this Kingdom. There isn't much explanation behind this, other than to prove that the Masamune is much, much older than anyone would have thought.

In the Nu chamber, there's a book that says "All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu." The Nu itself speaks of the Guru of Reason. If you'll remember, the old man in the solitary dome near Death's Peak in 2100 A.D. said the same line, and had a Nu with him.

It's pointed out that combining the Rainbow Shell and the Sun Stone can create incredible weapons and items. Remember the Sun Keep cave in 65,000,000 B.C.? Yeah.

A citizen recognizes your talent for magic, applauding such "lowlifes" (paraphrased) as ourselves for having the skill. He also mentions that only the Guru of Life has the skill, and elemental power usage is forbidden in Zeal.

Mention of a Chrono Trigger and Time Egg are also made. At the moment, the names don't mean a thing, but they will.

Someone finally mentions all three Gurus; Life, Time and Reason, and that they live in Zeal, at least until recently. When this Prophet that Dalton just spoke of arrived, all three Gurus disappeared.

The Moon Stone is a rock that "can be recharged by the sun". However, it takes aeons, and the only Sun Stone is currently being used in Zeal.

The Black Rock is an accessory that, currently, does absolutely nothing. However, later on, it's revealed that Magus can only have triple techs by having one of its users equipped with a certain accessory. This is one of those.

Schala and Janus are the offspring of Queen Zeal. That boy we met in Enhasa (the city before this one) was Janus, and a big jerk. We have yet to see Schala.

Someone further explains the prophet, and how amazing he is. All of his predictions come true, and in a bout of amazing clarity (sarcasm), he says "It's as if he knows the future!" That's kinda what a prophet does.

We now have a name for one of the Gurus, and this is also where the Chrono Trigger and Time Egg are mentioned.

The Mammon Machine is what keeps Zeal afloat and gives it its power.

And here we see Masa and Mune again, talking about Melchior. He's much older than he seems...

This lets us go back to Kajar and Enhasa and scratch up some Nu back and get some Tabs. Cool beans.

Like so.

Two points of interest here. First off, a pendant made of red rock, and the Mammon Machine being made of the same. Additionally, the pendant glows if Schala chants.

Finally, we come to the bedroom, and we finally see Schala.

It's Relm's/Shadow's Memento Ring!

She's referred to as mother. She is instantly an evil bitch.

I wish my cats were purple.

Ocean Palace, hm?

I wish my cats were named Alfador.

We've encountered those doors before! And we have a pendant that uses the same exact sprite!

Well I'll be.

We get slapped in the face with a big error noise.

The pendant glows when Schala chants. We don't have Schala, but we do have the machine that was made out of the same rock.


Given all the time fuckery, it likely IS Schala's pendant, but from 1000 A.D.

And here we meet both the queen and the prophet.



It actually is possible to defeat the golem, but it takes either a lot of overleveling, or a hell of a lot of patience. He moves fast, attacks a lot, and generally is a giant bitch. Storywise, though, there's no change if you win.

Why does this keep happening?