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Part 43

Chapter 7: 12,000 B.C.
Part 3

Right, let's keep going.

We technically can't leave because we don't have the amulet that lets us TRAVEL THROUGH TIIIIIIIIIIME. It's here at the North Cape. Whoopee.

The Magus lays shiny objects, such as pendants, to lure its prey, then creeps up on them from behind.

Using its Dungeons and Dragons' Dimension Door-like ability, The Magus continues to attempt to remain behind its prey.

It seems we've found a particularly brave Magus!

It's kind of obvious who. But, just to solidify, we're treated to a flashback.

All of the gurus voice their concerns about the Mammon Machine. This is what happened had Magus and the gang not travelled to 12,000 B.C., and Magus assumed the position of a prophet, thus banishing the gurus.

This is a complete and utter paradox.

In the NEW timeline, Janus wasn't in the Ocean Palace, and wasn't... well, you'll see.

Oh dear.




In the NEW timeline, Janus was never there to get sucked into a portal, nor were the gurus to end up in their respective places:

Melchior in 1000 A.D....

Belthasar to end up in 2100 A.D....

And Gaspar...

... at the End of Time. That's right. Our sleeping old man at the End of Time is Gaspar.

Janus also wouldn't have ended up in 600 A.D., under the care of Ozzy, and grown up to be Magus.

And now you see the paradox.

Chalk it up to Magus and the gang existing outside of the normal timeline by moving through the gates. Or over-analyzing.

Funny thing about that. Judging from the timeline, we can assume that Magus fails, as Lavos comes up in 1999 and blows everything to smithereens.

Then again, going back to what I just said about the gang existing outside of the normal timeline due to the gates and time-traveling... Magus was THRUST through a Gate to 600 A.D., which meant he could have legitimately changed the timeline. We could have very well screwed things up by interfering.

Sit on that for awhile.

That wasn't foolishness, that was martyrdom to get the fuck away from you clowns.

Magus and Toad Duel
Daily Motion Link / Backup

Now that we got it back, let's go FLY THROUGH TIME

What the fuck is it now?!

Well I'll be.

That, my friends, is the Black Omen. We'll be going there soon enough.

But first, I don't like what just happened. Let's do a little time-travelling, shall we?



Chapter 7: 12,000 B.C.
Part 3

Well, don't tell. Leave him be.

This is it, our last character. Even if he isn't the greatest stat-wise, it's Magus. Come on.

Let's give him a fucked up name.