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Part 44

Chapter 7: 12,000 B.C.
Part 4


Jimmy motherfucking glides everywhere. How cool is that?

Alfador survives, and follows Jimmy/Janus around. Can you take him with you? No

This is where the game REALLY opens up. We're free to go to ANYWHERE on any time period. For instance, here's the Sun Keep of 12,000 B.C. There's no stone there, however. There's a ton of sidequests we're able to do, but let's continue with the real task at hand.

... the track we've already heard.

Gaspar recognize leetle Janus as all grown up and pointy-eared. Seriously, what happened?

Ohohoho! What?

Yeah, that's kinda the only response possible aside from just killing him.


No, not really.

How useful.

DUH. Damn it, robot, you're supposed to be cool.

That's great. ANYWAY

He's not LET'S GO HOME


You're... you're shitting me.




Damn it.

Joy. Oh joy.

Jimmy does not shock. He just gets ANGRY

Anyway, it ends up costing 5,000 gold because I screwed up have too much money on my hands.

I was planning on making a really perverted joke here about _____'s mom checking to see if the doll is an exact copy, but... gross.

Now we have our clone.

I'll ruin the surprise: they turn into trees. Whoopee.

And... that's it. Balthasar's physical body, and now his intelligence, are lost forever. You gave us a pod that turned into a FLYING POD. You were awesome.

I told you.

I'm seriously gimping myself here by bringing Velma and Mark. But Jimmy's awesome attack sprites make up for it.

Then again, they also have Antipode 2!