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Part 46

Chapter 8: 2,300 A.D.
Part 1

Geno Dome is a surprisingly short dungeon. It's only a few screens, but it has some neat puzzles.

Mother also talks to you throughout the entire dungeon. She goads you at every turn.

You then go through several battles with decently challenging enemies. At least, they would be challenging if you didn't have this.

Super Volt, bitch. Lightning 2 and Shock creates pure electric destruction.

This is pretty much the main room of this dungeon. There's a bunch to do in here, though.

... Okay. Anyway.

That's so dumb.

This is even dumber.

This is by far the best part of the dungeon. You get to run an electric fucking current through your robot. :sci101:


Open sesame!

This is so obviously a trap, it's painful. They're dealt with no trouble.

Even though the belt is moving in the opposite direction, running still lets you traverse it. However, any electric currents you need to carry up here just don't last long enough with the belt slowing us down.

Still, we are allowed access to a little inlet to the left,


our first doll.

We're done here for the timebeing. Let's go up. This is an elevator that leads to the second floor, the ONLY other floor of the dungeon. I told you it was small.

We take that door directly north...

through a long hallway...

and more banter from Mother.

Fight through here and take the elevator down...

We're on the other side of the conveyer!

So we don't have to go back through the elevators.

The green arrows designate "holes" in the walls you can walk through. In this case, we circle around the belt and flip the switch to make it go up.

Now our charged up robot can make it to the door!

So dumb.

Anyway, we now have both dolls, so...

The last unexplored area, the western side of the second level. Pretty smooth sailing from here on o--



A pink robot.

A pink robot with a vaguely female name.

A pink robot with a vaguely female name wearing a bow.

My thoughts exactly.


You can just feel the burning passion exploding through Frank's circuits.

Beaten up by a girl!

Atropos Fight
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Mommy is meeeeaaaaan

Aw. Robot love is denied.

In the future, PCI-E expansion slots are replaced by ribbon expansion slots. Apparently the silk fibers carry some crazy good processor speeds in them.

Thankfully, we're spared seeing Frank wearing a ribbon the rest of the game. I would ignore this entire storyline, despite its obvious benefits, if that happened.

We're coming for you, brainy bitch!

But first, collective ADD forces me to explore somewhere else.

Seems like a rather worthless detour, doesn't it? Wrong! There's a door to the right which leads to a treasure chest and a new hat! Now does it seem worth it? That's what I thought.

I still maintain that this defense system makes absolutely no fucking sense in a robot factory. Then again, I'm not a robot.


That is not a convincing argument.


This is the giant gaping hole in her logic. Atropos has had emotions, and Mother has emotions as well.

Not to mention how her holographic display is... quite human.

MotherBrain Fight
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EDIT: Fine, I'll do the Sun Stone next you assbuckets.