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Part 48

Chapter 8: 600 A.D.
Part 3

All right, first step for the Rainbow Shell quest... remember our old, stupid friend Toma? He's somehow moved to another continent.

The ghost quest is here, as well.


I was thinking "retarded".

Go to 1,000 A.D...

And there's his grave.

One for the homeys.

Sigh... yeah, I guess I can believe it.

... You're lame. You're just... so lame.

Anyway, back to 600 A.D... we fly to the Giant's Claw, some half a second away, and enter the cave.

A hint.

Hey! We know this place! We know this music!

Tyran Castle! Aaaaawesome!

Best part is that the music doesn't get interrupted during battle.

We even find powered-up versions of our old enemies! Except for reptites, those fuckers are dead.

We head off to the right...

And find yet another familiar room.

Same tricks still work.

Except this time you're supposed to fall in the hole, too!

Another room!

It should be noted that none of the switches here work anymore. That isn't much of a surprise, though, I suppose.

This is the second rock that allows Jimmy to have a triple tech. The Black Rock, acquired much earlier, allows Jimmy, Mark and Velma to use a Triple Tech, whereas the Blue Rock uses Jimmy, Velma and Frank. Unfortunately, Jimmy is far behind on his techs, so I swap him in for the rest of the dungeon, and include ?!?!?, just for fun.

Aside from the nostalgia factor of having gone through this dungeon 65,001,000 years ago, there isn't much else to it. Still, that nostalgia factor's pretty strong.

It should be noted that the right side is locked, and it's exactly where we need to go.

More familiar rooms that work the same. Left side leads to a single chest, right side leads on.

And eventually to some unopened chests!


Fortune, however, smiles upon us this day, as we are dropped down into the prison!

And now the door is open for no real reason!

Head down to the bottom level... the save point is a giveaway for something.

Hm... a boss fight. Large berth... what could it be...

Out of all of the things that survived, it just had to be the giant fuck-off dinosaur?

Rust Tyrano Fight
Daily Motion Link / Backup

With the Rust Tyrano trounced...

We are free to claim the Rainbow Shell!

Unfortunately, our oversized conch shell is too heavy to be lifted.

So let's get castle grunts to do it for us.

I guess the chef is an official part of the court? Why is he there and not cooking?

All right, rock on.

Now, let's head back to 1,000 A.D.

1,000 A.D.

What? What is going on?

Naturally, we have to solve this case if we want to get our Rainbow Shell back.

Once again, thanks to our fuckery, there's a new staircase. It leads to the treasury, and there's no reason to head down there right now. Instead, we go up the left upper staircase to the court/prison.

God, what a bitch.

To be concluded... later today!