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Part 11: Revamped Introductory Arcs - WeX Majors

Greetings and Salutations fellow time-traveler! I am Crey Theatre Equipments newest projector and tour guide Simplex 4D! Since you seem to be po-
Oh? What's that? We've already met? Ah I see. Chronal Displacement. Yes, I have heard this can happen when meeting fellow time travelers. Very well, I will pass this news along to Past You when I see them and deliver the rest of the Standard Greeting to Past You.

As you KnowKnew, I make my home in Galaxy City. It's one of the oldest sections of Paragon City, but also one of the quietist. While Paragon Heights was pretty crummy for a long period of time, when the first super heroes began showing up, it began to grow into a quite nice section of the overall Paragon City. Even during the Rikti Invasions, the fact that it' simply didn't have many military targets, it was able to essentially blend in and allow the insanity to pass by them.

Unfortunately, when the first Rikti Invasion ended, and Paragon City famously opened its borders to anyone who wanted to become a Super Hero, this invisibility became a bit of a detriment to Galaxy. Even though it became the home to Freedom Corp HQ, some of the most touching tributes to fallen heroes in all of Paragon, and a gorgeous park that heroes had to physically occupy to bring it up to the heights that it was at, it simply was unable to bring enough starting heroes into its war walls.

Some academics who are studying what happened in Galaxy feel that this ultimately is what caused it to happen in the first place. When 95% of new heroes were unable to resist the temptation of City Hall and The Atlas Statue and Costume Contests, the employees of Galaxy's New Hero Program found that they had more time for their studies. So many scientists and programmers and engineers and Magicians began to construct their own attempts at *creating* heroes. Since they were left mostly undisturbed, their work proceeded at alarming paces. But most were simply floundering when it came to a power source.

So with all of these Heroes-To-Be just practically waiting on a shelf. All of this potential power sitting on a shelf in this quiet, often unfrequented part of a city filled with massive amount of power? It was probably forming a massive bullseye, right in the heart of Paragon City. But I think you're going to have another Tour Guide for that section. Thank You for joining me, and I hope to see you again soon!

Let us flash forward (Techincally? City Of Heroes and its timeline tends to get way more mushed up when you get closer to the present.) just a few months later.

Welcome to the remnants of Galaxy City. I have been named Chest Slider by my creator and I am the hottest female cyborg ever created. I shall attempt to show you what it's like for new heroes in Paragon City. But first, I must face my most deadly adversary yet.

A massive miles deep chasm! Wait. No. I'm sorry, my sarcasm unit must have been amplified during the collapse. I mean a very small gap in the road that a small child could cross with no harm.

Ahead of me are some of the most famous heroes in Paragon, Back Alley Brawler and Sister Psyche. This is not surprising as my records show that they are some of the most down-to-earth heroes, preferring their time amongst common citizens of Atlas Park and the former Galaxy City. I am told that another humble hero, Blue Spectrum is ahead but that I must fight my way through these new shivans to get there.

This isn't a problem at all, as they exploded like a trash bag full of vegetable soup. Or very watered down milk. I'm not quite sure. Anyway, Blue Spectrum is just around the corner!

Alas, Blue Spectrum seems to have gotten a bit over his head, and we must now either prevent him from dying, or absorb his very essence! Seeing as how I do not possess the ability to absorb powers, we're really only left with one choice.

SO MUCH BLUE! Well I'm glad I was able to do some good here after all. After we save Spectrum, Numina of the Freedom Phalanx telepathically tells us that the only way for the Phalanx to Beam Us Up is if we find out what's blocking the signal. Let us move forward then!

I don't know, this seems like just more Shivans. There's not even that many more all things considered. Oh well, that can only mean one thing:

More Foxy Boxing! Yea, I'm the hottest thing to hit Galaxy City bad...TooSoon.
Still, I don't see what the big deal is with why the Phalanx can't get past these simple sacks of

OHHHHHH! This makes so much more sense now!

Well, I don't think I need to tell you folks that it takes lil ol' me a while to punch this thing back down into it's hole, but I manage to pull it off!

Now for the Longbow to get me the heck out of here!

Oh good, at least a few other people made it out. Great to see ol' BAB made it out. Wonder who else made it out?

What a helpful woman. I try to convince her to leave asap as she's just a regular ol Not-As-Hot-As-Me Woman, but she says that she's a nurse from Cygnus Medical Center, so she's probably one of the few people who *shouldn't* leave yet. Can't fault her for that logic.

I go talk to BAB, and he doesn't seem nearly as interested in me as I thought he'd be. That's okay, I guess he's had to go through a lot today. But he wants me to head over to Atlas, and who am I to say no to a man like that?

Well hell that was quick! Ladies And Gentlemen, welcome to Atlas Park! To be honest not much has changed.

Even RobotMen can't resist the idea of teaming up with me! That's sweet of them to help out, but I need to go talk with Matthew Habashy asap!

Matt is a very nice man who seems incredibly distracted and it's definitely not because of my hot bod. He tells me that quite a large amount of regular citizens made it out of Galaxy and they've been pouring into Atlas like crazy over the last few hours. So many heroes have been dealing with the problem in Galaxy that Atlas has been left relatively unprotected. so the Federal Buereau of Superhero Affairs sent Matt to help out the newbies! First up is a gang of Hellions attempting to torch some perfectly useable apartment buildings!

Poor guy, probably still worked up over losing his house and stuff. But crime doesn't rest, and neither do I! To Battle!

These are some of the groups that are cropping up. People are understandably scared, angry, sad and confused about what happened in Galaxy. So the ones in charge (or the ones who are left anyway) are attempting to give any answers they can

Man, Hellions are jerks. Luckily, they're still the weakest demon worshippers in history so it's no problem to beat up a few and convince em to knock it off. After that, we had back to City Hall.

How touching. A mini-memorial of heroes has showed up as tribute to the fallen in Galaxy City. Except of course Atlas is currently under seige by gangs of Demon Cultists and there's an entire section of the city practically in ruin! Can't these super jerks think of anything better to do with their time?

So matt tells us that although he's brand new from being a pencil pusher before Galaxy (hey, that's okay, I was in a bacta-tank in a lab!) He knows the guy who's leading the PPD's charge to get the hellions back in their hole. Then he gives me his digits! Hah! I knew he thought I was hot!

Yo, Baldie! I got that dudes digits! PAAATAAA-Wait, Matt had a wife?

Well, that's utterly depressing. Still, a gals work is never done and Baldie tells me that The Hellions are attempting mass kidnappings over in Prometheus Park. Well don't worry, as someone who naturally emits flames, I don't think they'll mind me asking them a few questions.

Oh I'm sorry, I meant "Punching them in the face until they tell me what I want" It's called The Batman Method. Thankfully, one of the dudes tells me that they've got a secret cave next to the lake where they're hiding out these days. Hah! I've got no problem doing a bit of spelunking. don't normally see caves Blood Red like this. Perchance we should explore further.

What's this? A Magical Object locked in a case with the words "PROPERTY OF M.A.G.I. PLEASE DONT STEAL" inscribed on the side? Oh I'm sorry Hot Stuff, but I'm gonna have to take this back. Well, maybe not me. Maybe I'll get that robot with the hoverboard to do it.

While my wonderful team-mates hold off the hellions now rushing at us for re-stealing their magic box, I give Matt a ring. He mentions that there's Hellions all over the city kidnapping more and more people. He brings up that we should work on finding out where they're keeping the people, which is a good point. Oh I almost forgot about what Baldie told me! I hope he doesn't mind me asking about his wife.

Oh, Matt. That's terrible. Still, now isn't the time for grieving. We have to help a lot of other people who are currently missing their loved ones. Matt composes himself and tells me that he's got one insane plan: Disguise myself as a hellion, and break into a warehouse where we can find out where they're holding the hostages! Crazy Brilliant idea, but where can I get a costume and the location of the warehouse?

God dammit EXCUSE ME SIR I'M TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION HERE! Stupid demon worshippers. No sense of common courtesy. So. Anyway. Beat Up Some Hellions. I think I can do that.

Yep. Piece Of Cake.

Okay, so I got an Illusion: Hellion lvl1 spell

and where the warehouse is. Let's see if this plan works.

HOLY SHIT IM A DEMON CHICK. This plan rocks!

Sure enough, every hellion in the place just treats this like it's just another manic monday. I find a crate in a back room and it has details on what the whole hellion deal is. They're attempting something called "The Ritual Of Souls", it needs four "Pure" souls (thus the sheer amount of kidnappings. Purity is rare these days.) and that when activated, the spell could summon a demon with the power to destroy Atlas! Interestingly enough, it also mentions that a non-hellion told them about the ritual. Time to get the fuck out of here.

My team mates aren't nearly as interested in hearing about the spell as I thought they'd be. Oh well. I ring up Matt and he tells me the obvious: It's time to stop The Ritual of Souls!

UGH! Men. Can't keep em focused for a second, am I right girls? So we go inside, beat up some more hellions, stop the ritual before it can be completed beat up an even DUMBER looking Hellion. You know the drill by now.

Oh hell! This thing works! Who's brave enough to risk making this call?

Well that's unexpected! I've got to call up Matt, he'll be stunned!

Ya know, I'm starting to not like these guys. We leave the building and Matt is understandably shaken up. But I remind him of the very good news that we still have a chance to save his wife's life.

Matt gets right back into the thick of it, saying that while he works on trying to save his wife, there's more people who could actively use my help.

Oh hey, it's the people we met from the Safe Zone! They made it out! Unfortunately, I can't help both people at once!

So that's where YOU come in. Who should Chest Slider help next? The choice is yours, and yours alone!

Good Luck!