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Part 12: Sondra Costel - WeX Majors

PSST. Sandra! You're on!

Sandra goes on to mention that the government has been sending emergency supplies of food to Atlas to help out the refugees but somone has been stealing the supplies! The refugees are understandably upset, but they're pissed off at everyone but the thieves, saying that the law should be doing more to protect them.

Oh man, just what we need. A hero using this terrible tragedy just to further his own "career". Let's go pay this jerk a visit huh?

Oh christ almighty. I can here them complaining about JERBS and Aliens both literal and international from blocks away. Unfortunately, you can also tell from blocks away that it's Icedrone leading the rabblerabble and not a real group anger. Let's go find out what this clunkhead is all about.

[Uh Oh...Things are suddenly getting political in our vidjagames. Let's remove any personal feelings we may have and remember this is in a world where Superman Is Real and He Is From Rhode Island, shall we?]
So the guy is refusing to use his super powers to track down the stolen supplies AND the thieves AND help distrubte the supplies, so that the people can pick themselves up from their bootstraps and do it themselves. But he wants the government to help more.
But he manages to trump me by asking me why don't I just go find them. UGH. FINE. Anything to get me away from this douchenozzle.

My Male Partner for today is...a bit less civilized than normal. Thunk clearly comes from a simpler time, but enjoys nothing more than bashing in things with a bone. Smash Away Might Thunk! We've got to intiate The Batman Effect.

FUCKING OW! I'm sitting here reading this recruitment flier and this dude comes up and smacks me upside the face! Must be one of them nerds.

HAH! Girl Power! Someone needs to get this girl a Power Suit or something. She explains that some of the patients she's been treating would come in and say that someone else is willing to take care of them, and then she doesn't see them again. So she feels that it's entirely possible that The Skulls and Icedrone are working together to steal the supplies and then use the missing supplies to bolster the ranks of the skulls. She's heard whispers in the hospital about a meeting place somewhere in a local park, but they've hidden the ACTUAL place in Drop Points around the park. Guess we get to go digging through trash. The glamourous life of a superheroine ladies and gents!

Well, that's interesting...Let's go have ourselves a little interview.

Deborah has one insane plan lemme tell ya. She's got one of those stealth video cameras that hover behind you. She wants to go meet up with a skulls member and get the low down on what they're doing, and if things go south, for me and thunk to come in and bust some heads. That takes some ovaries, but it seems to be the plan you can get without some Magical Polymorph Potion.

Oh boy, Deborah. I hope this goes well. Just in case I keep Thunk right outside the front door ready to jump in at a moments notice.
[This is actually one of the super big "We thought we could never do this in this 8 year old game" new techs that Heroes manages to squeeze out. They were so impressed by this and what it could mean for story telling, that they used it twice within this Habashy Story. The Hellion Model-Change is the same tech. Unfortunately, it wound up being rather...blah in its execution as its not like you get a brand new set of powers if you transform into Statesman or anything.]

The BD is understandably a bit skeptical about Deborah wanting to actually join but he's willing to go along with it for now. Deborah asks him how the skulls are planning to feed all of these new people but the BD doesn't rat himself out that easily. He says they have plenty of supplies they've suddenly come into. The BD wants Deb to spread the word to the heroes that they've got more supplies than the government does, and he's willing to let her in on the goods. Deborah proceeds to haul ass out of there before she gets her soul sucked out of her pores or some shit.

Figures. Arachnos, yet again. We call up Sandra who explains that a bunch of civies are in a park claiming that Deborah told them that skulls aren't bad guys after all. Maybe we should go convinced them that The Skulls aren't the help they're looking for.

Man I never really thought of that. It's so easy to see the city as completely isolated zones now thanks to the War Walls but it's important to remember those walls only went up ten years ago! The city didn't suddenly start existing as soon as the rikti came along [heh], and many things helped shape the feelings of the citizens of Paragon City well before most of us arrived here. Let's help show Hyperion how to take things into their own hands!

Man, that made me feel good. After going hunting killing skuls one of them managed to slip up that their Base was just a bit away. Batman Method, once again proven successful!

Well...this is odd. The warehouse was relatively simple to break into and bust up, but the warehouse is just a straight line, and there's no other door or elevator to go to the top flo... OHHH! No, dig UP stupid!

THUNK! Get over here! We've got problems!

Ah there we go. Thank you Thunk!

Oh man, is anyone else suddenly feeling like a MOTHERFUCKING SUPERHERO or what?! God, that's awesome! We did it, we fucking saved the god damn day. Man, I feel awesome. You know what that means right?

No, dammit Thunk! I didn't mean "Hit on Ms Liberty." NO! BAD THUNK!