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Part 18: Episode XVII: Clock Tower (Hamilton Residence)

Episode XVII: Clock Tower (Hamilton Residence)

When last we left our heroine, she had defeated Corroder and freed the souls of Dorothy and Albert. She was then teleported back to the present and confronted by the Dark Gentleman, who's been taking a rather extended nap for the last two stages or something. With that said, let's continue...

The Dark Gentleman opens up with some Dragonball Z shit right off the bat.

This sends Alyssa spinning around in the air, flailing her limbs about like a crackhead or Dennis.

In an unrelated story, the Hamilton Residence...

...fucking explodes!

Only half way through and we're already at an exploding mansion. This game really is survival horror in a blender. Something seems to be emerging from the rubble.

Meanwhile, Alyssa seems to have survived being at ground zero of an explosion powerful enough to turn a mid-sized inn into splinters.

Oh yeah, she's also riding a gigantic clock face now. Not sure how that happened. I was busy focusing on the fireworks.

Alyssa and her new clock platform careen around the newly formed (well, mostly formed, floating debris aside) evil tower while playful carnival music echoes through its halls.

The clock face ducks into the middle of the central spiral staircase and takes a sharp turn upward.

I wish Mass Effect had elevators this fast...

The clock, noticing there is, indeed, a roof to this place, decides to take a detour through a steaming gap in the wall.

"Do not like!"

Tough shit, kiddo.

Luckily, the navigation system of the magic clock is spot on and Alyssa comes out the other side unscathed. Unscathed, but not unsurprised...

There's actually a fucking clock tower in this game?!


At this point, Alyssa decides spinning around on a crumbling platform at high speeds hundreds of feet in the air is sort of fun and she takes time to enjoy the ride.

As pictured.

Reaching the summit of the tower, we find it is home to some sort of kooky temple.

Complete with massive burning torch at its peak.

At this point, the clock decides it's had enough of dead weight bumming a ride on its backside and hurls our heroine off for a good thirty foot drop straight onto her neck. Which would likely kill her, but will probably just be brushed aside and not mentioned in at the conclusion of the scene.

The clock tower then completes itself with a spectacular finish. Ten o'clock already? How the time flies.

Meanwhile, Alyssa has not only survived her fall but doesn't even acknowledge she had fallen or really freak out in any sort of degree. Despite the fact her house just exploded and she just rode a fucking flying clock.

"Sure, the real estate market most places has been in a bit of a slump. But, do you know what a bargain you can get buying up property in infinite darkness? It's a steal!"

"I was born at 3:27 AM. While the day of celebration starts then, I've technically got around five and a half hours until I turn fifteen."

"I don't think that is how immortality works. Nor is it legal."

"Are you looking forward to it? So am I, my dear, so am I. There will be cake!"
"You're lying!"

"There will be cake every day! And pie! And we'll wear bowler hats and laugh at children! It will be grand!"
"Look, Uncle Fester, I'm down for laughing at children, cake, and pie. But I will be damned if I'm going to wear a bowler hat. It's bad enough I've got a bad bob cut from my last visit to the barber. I'm not wearing a bowler to accentuate the thing. Now get lost before it's magic arrows going down on your tubby bum."
"Alyssa, you might have defeated two of our number. You might have even defeated them really easily a few times..."

"It's name was Martini."

"Well, she was a ghost earlier... And this isn't the first time you've told me this... But wait! Dennis saw her earlier today! I think your definition of a 'long time' is in question here, even if your claim is true!"
"I live in a dimension of endless darkness. It's easy to loose track of time, alright?"
"You live atop a clock tower!"
"Yes, well... Well... Oh, to hell with this!"

"That doesn't seem physically possible."

"I'll set you on the right path."

And so Alyssa falls to her untimely death. Especially, considering DG apparently needs her at midnight...

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