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Original Thread: In Which a 12 Year Old Takes a Sledgehammer to the Face [Clock Tower 3]



I have a problem. I need an intervention.

Welcome back to the world of Survival Horror. You may remember me as that prick that did all those Resident Evil LPs. Well, I finished them. So, now we move onto newer and brighter horizons:

More terrible survival horror titles! Today's topic will be Clock Tower 3. Now, before you ask: No. I am not doing any crazy reverse chronology through the entire series. I am just doing this game. Why Clock Tower 3 then, you ask? The answer, as it has always been, is that the game is completely batshit crazy. What can you expect? Well only:

- Time Travel
- Ghosts
- Serial Killers
- Frédéric FUCKING Chopin
- Magick
- Explosions
- Pirates
- Ugly Redhead Kids
- Ultra-Violence
- Silly British Accents
- Carnies
- And much, much more.

The game is actually the fourth installment in the series.

Table of Contents

Bonus Content

I'm reminded I found an artbook to this game with early/scrapped design concepts. It's too bad they dropped the designs for the bosses' fucked up second forms and replaced the fairly awesome fucked up final boss concept with  I'd like to avoid spoilers to the game, but you might have a 'little of him in ya'. 

I'll post scans that are relevant as bonus content, as I love seeing that sort of shit in other's threads and might as well include it as well.

Goth Alyssa.

Devil Summoner Alyssa.

Chewbot posted:

Games like this always make me wonder how these people would act at normal functions. I doubt Dick went his whole life without giving away a few clues. Like, how would Thanksgiving work?

You'd think mum would notice this sort of thing.

"Let the Ritual of Gravy begin! What?! No gravy?! Is this your doing, Entities?! Do you want me to only use butter after 400 years?!"

And that picture is awesome. Enough so that I feel compelled to finish the thread tonight, instead of blowing off the ending until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Alyssa's Alternate Rooder Costumes:


Spear wielding page master...thinger...

Naked Parasite Eve.

Alternate Final Boss Designs:

Spider-Dark Gentleman.

Abstract clock demon.

Secondary abstract clock demon.

Clockwork Dark Gentleman.
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