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Part 27: Episode XXVI: Alice (Mirror Ward)

Episode XXVI: Alice (Mirror Ward)

When last we left our heroine, she was sucked through a mirror in a hospital by aide of a magic looking glass. With that said, let's continue...

And we're here. Welcome to the 'Mirror Ward'. Which is the exact same as the standard hospital, only flipped. There's also a slight red hue filter in the main corridor. And...that's it.

When I say flipped. I really mean that's all they did. All the rooms are exactly the same, all the locked doors still are locked. It's like they need an extra ten minutes of gameplay and one of the developers was goofing off playing Symphony of the Night and inspiration hit.

The room which had the dead blood artist now holds his sentimental item.

I lost my keys in a mirror pocket dimension once. It doesn't really fly as an excuse when you show up late for work.

The mirror portal is a two way street. So, shifting back to the standard dimension is no sweat.

You know what your reward for exorcising all the ghosts in the game is? I'll let you speculate.

Back to the mirror world.

Scissorwoman is patrolling this neck of the woods. I guess I can take the time it takes Alyssa to crawl from the bizzaro gap in the wall to talk about the Scissortwins.

Scissorman: Slightly stronger than his sister but not quite as fast. Doesn't wear pants.
Scissorwoman: Slightly faster but not quite as strong as her brother. Has the most godawful taunts in the game.

Chopper was still faster than either of the losers. Corroder is still my favorite.

Here we have the inverted locked cabinet. We see the source of its lock back in standard world. Nothing a bit of holy water can't handle.

The triple locked room back on the other side is empty over here. Aside from a swarm of evil moths.

Heading downstairs, we find not only is Alyssa unwilling to take a nap on the couch, but...

There's a photo of a now motherless child. Bwahaha.

I suppose that is a step up on the sentimentality totem pole from a pair of glasses or a pen.

The Mirror Ward actually has one unique room on the bottom floor. A Men's Room! Silent Hill can take its hack job of otherworldly level design and shove it. On a side note, that taunt is driving me fucking nuts.

Scissorwoman wanders off.

In the sink is another one of these supposed 'keys'. Though, this is one of the only items in the game that doesn't flash brightly to indicate its presence. Thanks, guys. I really wanted to pixel hunt for a few minutes.

That does it for the Mirror Ward. The rest of downstairs is locked tight. As such, Alyssa returns to the slightly less backwards plane of reality.

One last stop in the hospital, back to the formerly locked cabinet. It seems, in this solitary instance, the two realities are bound by the common goal of backtracking.

Teleport square circle aside, what do you suppose was in here previously that required three locks? Was it the naught doctor and nurse room?

Oh well, that does it for the token survival horror hospital. It was truly a thrilling experience.

Teleporting is fun AND educational too. For instance, it both bores and annoys me every time it pops up in the game. And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

Miss Hamilton now finds herself outside in a rocky canyon with a thunderstorm brewing above.

Alyssa travels a bit further down her new locale.

I think I got food poisoning eating that once.

How many times are they gonna play the fucking song on the radio?

Oh, hey. It's Dick! Hey, Dick. Murdered anyone lately? I'm digging the new hat.

"Just because I was completely unable to interact with the last half dozen people I've encountered in flashback doesn't mean it won't work this time."

Dick continues his chanting and wanders through a nearby gate. A gate to where, you ask?


Dick Hamilton... In a bowler hat... Going to a clock tower themed castle... It's probably just a coincidence...

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