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Part 6: Episode V: Haunting Ground (Concert Hall)

Episode V: Haunting Ground (Concert Hall)

When last we left our heroine, she'd broken into a tailor shop and stumbled upon a murder. Said murderer was not pleased with an interloper. Also, she dicked around in the place long enough to get caught trapped in the same room the first murder took place. With that said, let's continue...

Well, for starters, should you live through this, you may consider not returning to the scene of a murder when the murder is still in the house with you. Just a hunch...

Examining the surroundings, something catches Alyssa's eye. As noted by the giant green swirly thing. This is an "Evasion Point". What it basically does is trigger a short cutscene in which the villain of the day is proven to be massively incompetent. Usually resulting in temporary escape from pursuit. Let's give it a whirl.


This is an exceedingly unorthodox method of rock-paper-scissors.

Alyssa whips that sonuvabitch at Sledge's face.

"Jesus Christ, you nutter! Who throws a bleedin' chair?"

With her peculiar choice in projectiles distracting the villain, Alyssa rushes in for the sack.

Oooh! He's feeling that in the morning.

So, he runs around with a massive sledgehammer. Had no problem smashing a flying chair into splinters in mid-air. But a skinny teenage girl tackling him sends the guy packing? And this is one of the better villains in the game...

Alyssa returns to the concert hall, questioning whether she's tapped into superhuman strength or is just being chased by an unbelievable pussy. The answer will be decidedly dumb.

Despite the fact there was no indication there was a magical or otherwise force barring the door. The entrance feels the presence of Alyssa's ill gotten invitation and rolls out the red carpet.

While a door opening by itself in her own home spooked her half to death. An abandoned concert hall in some sixty years in the past doing the same doesn't bat an eyelid. I guess it was the lack of a musical sting this time.

Alyssa heads on in.

The door slams shut behind her. This proves enough for a sufficient yelp of surprise.

It also seems to have locked itself. Maybe she'll need to buy some popcorn at the refreshments booth to make her way out this time.

As we seem to be trapped here for the duration, I suppose some investigation is in order. I'm still unclear what we're investigating or what any of this has to do with finding Alyssa's mother. But... I'm sure it will come in time...

Miss Hamilton uses her sixth sense of map making to get a hold on her situation.

Behind the front desk is a set of lockers. Alyssa notes that one, in particular, is locked. Despite the fact they're all clearly shut and thus locked or that would defeat the whole 'locker' purpose.

This leap in logic ignored, Alyssa trots into the main concert hall. Undoubtedly it will be headlong into some sort of trouble.

She's already evoked Nazis, ghosts, creepy overweight gentlemen, and a deranged murderer in the course of about thirty minutes. Trouble is just drawn to this kid.

I don't think she can get much worse trouble. Barring a mitochondria revolution or something silly like that. Unless...


In spectral C Minor. The worst kind of C Minor.

You'd think Alyssa would have had half as much reaction to this when it was an actual flesh and blood person with a fountain of blood pouring out their skull.

"Hey, you're that girl... The piano player."

"That's right."

"The one that totally choked and blew the whole Concurs thing? Read about you in the paper. Well, it was about your murder. But a big part of it was how you totally blew your performance. It was a pretty scathing review, actually. 'Inept' and 'unskilled' was used quite flagrantly."

"...I liked my performance."
"Yeah, well. Tell that to the judge."


Flathead May freaks out and vanishes. Being a ghost and what not. There's a more pressing problem at hand...

"I... I think... that I heard... something tear... when I landed... It wasn't... my trousers..."

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Concert Hall Cutscene
Concert Hall Cutscene (Mo-Cap Version)